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Kat's First Whole30 - Jan 2013


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> > > DAY ONE < < <


This is more for me than anyone else I guess since I don't really want to start a blog over it and no one on Facebook cares, lol.

Anyway, slept 7 hours, woke up and ate 4 eggs and "stir fry veggies" sauteed in coconut oil, it was just over an hour from when I got up, about 830, woops. I ate slowly as i could even though I was worried about the snowy roads and getting to work on time. On the way to work I felt odd. Almost like nausea but at the same time not. Not that so-full-I'm-sick feeling exactly either, but I don't know what else to compare it to. So I'm guessing I need to slow down more at meals

Had lunch and dinner (same thing, Deconstructed Chili recipe I made up last night with what I thought were middle-of-the-road portions for pro/fat/etc) packed and ready to go.

Made it through the morning just fine, with one 24oz black coffee and working on a liter bottle of water. Problem here is I can't take my entire half-hour lunch break until a certain time and I was STARVING about an hour before that, at 1pm. Hunger pangs, salivating, think-think-thinking about my food etc. No energy peak or crash, though I am used to an ENORMOUS amount of caffeine, so I'm not going to count my energy levels yet. Just being consistent is good enough for right now.

Lunch a bit after 2 was delicious. Ate slowly, felt pleasantly full.

no stomach weirdness in the afternoon.

four and half hours after that, I leave work and eat dinner. Funny thing is I don't remember if I was actually hungry or if it was just "time to eat". Anyway same exact meal as lunch but this time, two and a half hours later I'm STARVING.

Normally late evening is my stuff-my-face-with-sugar-fat-and-carbs time so I know that this could just be force of habit and not actual hunger. It's like my body couldn't make up its mind, it flipped back and forth from starving to no thank you to starving...over and over until I just decided to feed it. And I pretty much inhaled my eggs.

SO I have no idea what's going on. I'm hoping that it will settle down in the first week sometime. Because four complete meals a day seems like too much.

>>>How long did it take you to figure out when you were hungry? Full? Overfull?

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Day TWO - mildly graphic.

Not hungry at all. water and coffee in the morning. Breakfast sounded like a terrible idea. Ate lunch around 2, egg-spinach scramble, less gassy today, still not...."regular" , so waiting for that to adjust I guess. It isn't like bloaty and painful yet, but I assume it will be unless something passes there. This is very different for me, I never realized how much I appreciate that daily....Movement lol.

Energy slump around 5. Could be the monotony of work, or the lack of breakfast.

Dinner around 7, mild sugar obsession today, but no late night cravings like yesterday (oh my god, I CANT HAVE ICE CREAM??!!!THIS IS THE WORST THING EVER IN THE HISTORY OF THINGS) I made another version of the chili, with more fat and veggies and I think that may have helped. Or maybe that's just Night One Insanity....who knows.

Unusually chilly at home. even though it's 70 in here.

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Not to fret. In my first Whole30, I got terrible cravings at night. A lot of that, I have learned, has to do with cortisol and sleep. (oops, here I am again typing way past bedtime - why oh, why do I do this?) I was constantly looking for foods to eat. Now, one of my favorite pacifiers is roasted veggies - lots of them, and roasted beets are like candy (but they make your urine rather reddish, which can be unsettling). Instead of bacon, which I can't find locally without sugar, I make my own sausage patties from locally pastured ground pork. I add my own seasonings, and sometimes, I will just consume about a quarter pound hot off the baking pan. Satisfying. I am trying this time around to go easy on the nuts.

Oh, I was wondering about your upset digestion, take notice if you are eating a lot more of one thing than you usually do. Because eggs (usually the whites more than the yolks) and nuts are common allergens, perhaps all of the egg whites in the morning bothered you. Or it could be whatever you drank with your meal, if anything.

Chilly can mean not enough good fats in your diet. I love mixing my homemade sauerkraut with an avocado. Also, you might try making a nice ginger "tea" with ginger root. Just peel and slice about an inch of ginger and simmer it in a small pan of water for about 15 minutes. Then you can add more filtered water to thin it out. I alway warm up nicely after a hot cup of ginger tea, homemade.

Keep on "keeping on"!

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Day three.

same food, basically. still too dead to try making anything different. Very out of it today. Rude to people on accident because I didn't hear them say hi, things like that.

I was around cake at 8 pm. I could smell the frosting from across the room. it was red velvet. my favorite. I had exactly NONE. But it made me a little extra crazy so when I got home I had a bowl of beef, tomatoes, and olive oil, yumm.

And my bathroom problem....finally passed ^_^

energy extremely low, even though i mentioned that already. And I think it's bringing my mood down with it. But I'll at least go to the gym tomorrow...I havent been since Dec 30th if I remember correctly. hopefully the endorphins will help with that, assuming that i can actually find the energy to actually break a sweat.

Oh and still cold all day today except right now very warm.

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Day four

Coming out of the brain fog!!! I got up a little easier....still not eating well in the morning though. About half a meal size gets down before I feel weird and then have to get to work. My lower gut has remained active so that's good.

I'm having serious grocery-store phobia though lol. I put it off for hours today because I go over the book and what is recommended in there, then get ready to make my list, then i overthink and think and think and somehow make it really complicated and then i don't know what to buy.

It's weird.

But I was a little peppier today than the past few days....and I was bad tonight.

I had an apple. At 11pm haha it was the most delicious thing I have ever had. I will definitely have to limit fruit to slay my sugar dragon.

Still no major culinary adventures. But I did buy chicken. instead of JUST eggs and ground beef. So I will be cooking chicken in the next few days. And I got some baby carrots to take to the movies tomorrow night since I know I'll get the munchies :)

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Day Five

Today was freaking brutal. I'm an emotional hurricane. Everything bothered me. I mean EVERYTHING. I had to keep reminding myself that I'm supposed to be a raw nerve right now. I've been craving all day, even things I quit months ago, like smoking, or thinking about how well maybe it wouldn't be so bad if I called that one ex...

WOW right? Hardcore cravings of every single kind. I don't know HOW I didn't buy a pack of cigarettes or bury myself in a gallon of ice cream.

I might have to give up on the organic part of it...it's getting pretty pricey. I'm going to sit down tomorrow and go over my budget.

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Day 6

snacked a lot today....had too much time on my hands. It was all Good Food....but I think trying to navigate the regular meals plus the pre/post workout meals sort of threw me.

I had 2 eggs and half a serving of fat about an hour before I went to the gym and felt like I was going to barf. The feeling passed, but it was pretty unpleasant for 15 to 20 minutes at the end of my cardio hour and a little beyond. I will give it a couple more strikes, with smaller amounts or different proteins to see if I adjust at all. But I have never been a pre-workout eater. I've always gone at LEAST an hour and a half....but that's back when I was eating grains and the like.

Anyway the jury may still be out on whether I have an egg sensitivity issue. I used them as my protein for dinner and it was incredible, so I'm going to have my exact dinner again for breakfast to see if it's a palate thing, or I may be right about how my body is still just off with the times of when she should be hungry and able to take in food.

Whew.....fine-tuning...hoping for some results that are worth all this effort!!!!

And lights are really bright....halo effect the past few days now. Hmm....

Still want to kill all the things. Very irritable and prickly, energy slump has gone though. Medium-low energy instead of constantly being in [couldtotallyfallasleepstandingup] mode

I need to start going to bed earlier. I just can't make it before midnight yet. Okay....not can't, I mean WON'T. SO I can work on that too.

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Hey yeah Im with ya on the organic, I just can't afford it and thats the truth especially when I have to cook for my BF as-well and he eats ALOT! Im in NZ so I can buy grass-feb beef and lamb easily and pretty cheep, but the chicken and eggs/fruit/veges are all expensive so I only get organic if it's on special. When I have more money I will try to do buy more organic produce, but for now Im a uni student!

I also wasen't much of a pre-workout eater before, but I seem to have grown into it now. But I have to make sure it's atleast an hour before hand!

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Went out to eat with a friend tonight. Really wanted to just give up and order some sugar packed carbo load of Frankenfood.

Got decaf coffee, fruit and bacon. And I'm counting the bacon as okay. And it wasn't even very good so def not worth starting over. But no it will not become a regular thing.

Still dragging, stil grumpy, still craving.



I only have to do this week...three..more...times....holy crap. :blink:


One day at a time, jeez. So tomorrow. I can do that. <_<

At this point I don't know what sort of results I will get. I don't know if I will lose weight or inches, I don't know if I will see improved energy and skin tone and better sleep quality.

I don't know. And that's okay. Just doing this, just showing that I can change, even if I barely make it and just have ONE day where I'm not kicking and screaming, where I'm actually comfortable NOT eating my feelings....that can be good enough. If I let it.

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Day 8.

Got up. Decided to get over myself, and have been trying to live up to that all day. I'm done whining about how I can't have food I want. I'm done bending my poor friends' ears about stuff that doesn't affect them at all. All my friends know I'm doing this (via facebook),

So whenever they talk to me,,"Hey how's that food thing?" or even a completely not related "How are you?"

And I should just reply "good, thank you, how are you?" Instead of going "weeeeeeellll.....[insert whining and compaints]"

I'm giving up on the perfectionist part of it too. I can't afford organic. So I'm not going to try that anymore. And I'm so afraid to cook new dishes that I've been eating the same 3 things all week.

GET OVER YOURSELF, Kat. Cook real meat instead of just ground beef or eggs. You probably won't mess it up. and if you do...not actually a big deal in the real world where everyone else lives. Put the neuroses back in the closet where they belong and start living like you LIKE eating REAL [albeit not "clean"] FOOD

Every day I do this I am making a choice.

I choose to eat food that I believe is good for me

I choose to keep my promise to myself that I will NEVER give up on my body again.

Every day I do this I get closer to my goal. A stronger, healthier (skinnier) me.

It's the only body I will get. And she deserves to be loved and nurtured. No longer ignored. No longer shamed.


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Day 9.

Went out to eat with family, that was difficult because they all got bread and pasta and dessert...I zoned out into the chocolate cake for a while and had to drag myself back to my nice cup of decaf.

I'm still following the "Rules", you know the DO NOT EAT ____'s. But I'm not following the suggestions very well. You know, the time to stop eating before bed, buying organic, the no-snacking.....I'm sucking at all of that. Hopefully I will still get something out of this. I will do better tomorrow, and maybe I can get in three weeks of very-good-program, we'll see.

Something is going on with my vision, and I checked online to see if I'm missing some major vitamin but accoridng to what I found A and B12 are the big ones for vision issues, and I've been eating foods that have a good amount of those....I don't see how else it couls be food related. It's just weird because it's so sudden. Anyway if you know of any other vitamins I missed, I would appreciate it, thanks!!!

And as you can probably tell, I'm getting a bit less obsess-y and a bit less crazy. ^_^ So that's pretty sweet.

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DAY TEN (mildly graphic)

Ate a lot of fruit after dinner last night....had some...bathroom issues today. Did the same thing again tonight but ate different stuff for dinner to see if the fruit is the issue. We'll find out tomorrow!

I need to go to bed earlier and EAT BREAKFAST! Total brain fog today I was barely functional. It's funny how you never believe what someone else says ("Breakfast: The most important meal of the day!!" --insert 50s kitchen complete with me wearing both an apron and a smile, hah) until you figure it out yourself....or maybe that's just me. Anyway my work performance suffered a bit, it's just....My day STARTS with when I go to bed the night before, which affects how easily I get up, which affects whether I eat breakfast, and get to work a good comfortable ten minutes early. That is my ideal morning.

And it all starts with being willing to turn off the TV (or less commonly, to close the incredible book) and JUST GO TO SLEEP.

And for some reason I keep trying to disprove that.

I finally cooked something besides ground beef or eggs! It waaaaas......CHICKEN haha. Easy as can be, but oh dear god it was change, and it was scary! ^_^

goodnight w30ers.

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Day 11

Not a lot to say about today. Weird dreams last night, not sure if related to the diet though. Woke up before my alarm, mostly due to said dreams. Good mood, good energy....I don't know. It was good.

The food is starting to taste incredible. Or maybe I'm getting the hang of this whole "cooking" deal lol. Almost out of protein so tomorrow I buy groceries....try some new stuff hopefully and no more organic. Let's see if it tastes or feels any different...

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Day 13.

Very lazy day. Haven't been to the gym in a while. I think my ankles are getting smaller...? ^_^

I'm beginning to love cooking and love the food I'm eating.

As of today the rest of my w30 (or w45....or w60...) will not include any caffeine or snacking. I feel like I owe myself that much. I have been snacking on fruit at night and feeding my nocturnal Sugar Dragon.

Bad Kat.

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Argh. I am so mad at myself.

I had four meals today.....instead of sugar-snacking before bed I just had cajun chicken and sauteed green beans with garlic. It was awesome.

But I totally screwed up my [insert hormone here] because I'm about to go to sleep.

I reeeeaaaally need to not eat before bed anymore.

This is hard. And i didn't have any caffeine today either. that was MISERABLE.

[mumbles obscenities under her breath]

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Day 14 sucked. No caffeine. Tried not to snack, wound up having two dinners.

Today, Day 15. Again no ceffeine. Horrrrrrrible. And ended up gorgin on raisins and apples after dinner.

I can't do this perfect. Not my first time. Not without being miserable and wanting to give up altogether. So caffeine is back in. And darnit, I might snack too!

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Day 23/Restart Day 3

I decided to restart my whole30 after getting a good talking-to from one of my favorite people ever who happens to be ending her second whole30 in a week.

I told on myself about the fruit binging (raisins) And God love her she said rather emphatically, "THERE IS NO ROOM FOR NATURE'S CANDY IN THE WHOLE30!" Tough love. Best kind. everrrr.

I had a bacon binge and then hit reset. No night snacking. I found a good night routine that keeps me from getting the rumbly tummy and idle hands. 1) "Natural Calm Magnesium" - an oral mag supplement you add to water, 100% eliminates the craving.

GONE. DEAD. VANISHED. Which is a super magical tool for a sugar junkie like myself.

And herbal tea to follow.

SO what have I accomplished since I last wrote? Let's see:

1) RESET, going at least till the end of Feb. All in.

2) No more fruit bingeing

3) Slay the sugar dragon when it rears its head with Mag

4) No longer need caffeine every morning

5) Cooked new foods (zucchini, scallops, cauliflower)

I'm pretty freakin psyched about the growth I see here. Just by getting honest and hearing,

"Look, I KNOW you want this -BAD- or you wouldn't be here.

Why bother if you just keep cheating yourself?"

[ :o lightbulb!!!]

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Today I tried sweet potatoes with cinnamon and nutmeg. ^_^ ohmygodYUM

I've been staying away form the high carb veggies because I want to lose weight, but tonight I was just not satisfied. Just huuuuungry. Not even bored. I checked. Sweet potatoes used to scare me (up until 2 hours ago) so I would not have reached for one of these babies automatically....I was just having a bottomless pit day.

I have no energy....I mean I can get up and function in the morning without coffee just fine, but when evening comes around, I cannot make myself go workout I'm just so beat.

Maybe I'll throw more carbs in at breakfast or lunch.

Any tips on evening fatigue when you gotta get stuff done??

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New stuff, new stuff, more and more new stuff!!!!

I think my favorite thing is that I'm cooking. And I'm cooking DIFFERENT THINGS.

I made curry to take to work tomorrow, and I MADE MY OWN MAYO!!! I feel so...capable. I tried some mashed "potatoes" (aka cauliflower) and it tasted fine but the texture needs work.

I bought a teakettle and a slow cooker. I'm turning into a grown-up! An adult who actually spends time preparing meals to enjoy later.

This is all quite rad.

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