How helpful for inflammation/osteoarthritis if you already have a very healthy diet?

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I'm 6 days into the whole30 diet, doing pretty well, but could use some advice on how helpful it's likely to be for someone who already has a very healthy diet. I ask because this is turning out to be a really challenging month for me on a number of fronts and also I'm troubled by this much meat, for both financial and ethical reasons. I'm sure I can see it through, but for those reasons I find myself reassessing, and also because I suspect some of the success stories I've read about arthritis have probably been about people who shifted from a typical/unhealthy diet to whole30, so rather different from me.

For me, whole30 mostly means cutting out grains, legumes, dairy, and the occasional dash of honey in tea or cookie or bagel at a coffee shop (maybe 1 - 3 times/week for each of those). Oh yeah, and ice cream. And of course it means eating more meat, potatoes, vegys, and fruit. Also, I did gluten free for a couple of months last year and did not notice any difference at all. And I've done Andrew Weil's anti-inflammatory diet (sort of whole30 plus grains, legumes, and a little dairy), although probably not as much fruit and vegys as one should ideally, and also noticed no difference with that. So I'm just wondering about it all, and I suppose the really core question is: how important are the main things whole30 eliminates for me (beans, dairy, and grains) for inflammation/arthritis. (And again, gluten free did not help.)


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I guess we all have different ideas in our mind of a "very healthy diet".    

I am not trying to be offensive (promise), but I see several things you've mentioned that I do not consider healthy in any way.  They speak to me of inflammation.  

You'll only know what a difference a Whole 30 can make for you, as an individual, by sticking to the 30 days 100%, and deciding for yourself at the end.  I think a well-planned reintro (as laid out in the book) would be very beneficial, as well.  

Over the years, I've seen countless people who have discovered that foods they thought were "healthy" are actually problematic for them.  

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I was shocked at the difference with no grains and no dairy.

No more arthritis, no more iritis, so many health conditions just gone for good for me, life changing.

It won't be this dramatic for everyone. Some sources of inflammation aren't just food.

It's worth going all in for your first Whole30, staged reintroductions make things so very clear. I'd eaten wheat and grains my whole life, I would never have thought it and other grains were giving me so much trouble.

The list are known gut disruptors, not every person will be affected by each one, you really won't know for yourself until you try it, carrageenan was another surprise for me, makes all of my insides very unhappy and it's added to a lot of products, I would never have figured that out without Whole30.

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