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Megan's W30 Food Log Jan1-?


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I'm forcing myself to write. I know it is a step that I need to take to put myself out there and be accountable to a page...but it scares me...a lot! Here we go...


Im a SAH mom of 3 kids under 6. I have had the same 15-20 pounds of extra weight for as long as I can remember. I was going through my resolution journal and every year that I wasn't pregnant I had resolved to lose the same 15-20 pounds. It's depressing and exhausting...the same struggle year after year. I'm done. Maybe my body is meant to be this weight? I don't know, but I'm sick of the scale and my day/week/month/year?! being determined by that number. It is 154 by the way and I am 5'4". So I'm done...no more scale...no more goal to lose this weight. My intention is to eat well, to follow the rules, come out of this with more enegry to get through the day, to keep up with my kids, and to feel GREAT. I need to start taking care of myself and stop tearing myself down.

I practice hot yoga and love riding my bike. I intend to do one or the other at least 5 days a week. I LOVE these excercises so I naturally need to make them a priority. My husband is awesome, in total support of me, and is doing it with me. Last January we did a 21 day Vegan kickstart...he did great and it left me with little to no energy and back with a huge carb/sugar crutch that lasted the rest of the year as we avoided meat and loaded up on grains and beans. So I'm here to slay that dragon! I have yet to read the book...but it is on the way. If I mess up, I will start again...

Here's to a very happy and healthy new year! Here's to you...

Day 1:


Lemon water with Cayenne Pepper

Black Coffee with Cinnamon (not sure if these drinks are compliant)

3 eggs scrambled with onion, red bell pepper, and spinach

2 slices bacon (turbinado sugar, will be getting new bacon tomorrow!)

Filled me up til lunch...awesome!!!


Chicken and vegetables sauteed in clarified butter (a whole new experience and pretty fun! It made the kitchen smell great)

I was hungry an hour later! So bummed...I had 2 handfuls of almonds...


Smoky Bacon Chili from Paleo OMG over a sweet potato...yummy!

Snack: Banana with almond butter and sea salt (not sure if this was appropriate...to have a snack after dinner...I need this book!)

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Hi Megan. I also came to the conclusion that I'm done with weight. In my case I could stand to lose 30 lbs but I'm no longer making it a goal. It gets tricky when I start to lose from eating clean. I start imagining slimming down. But that's a slippery slope for me. It's easier staying on plan because this is the healthy way I want to eat for the rest of my life.

Interestingly I put my dog on a raw diet a little more than a year before I went Primal. My dog was portly when we started. And he stayed his same weight for eleven months, at which point he proceeded to trim right down to his ideal weight over six weeks. Without my changing the quantity of food.

With dog and man, I think the body uses the good nutrients to work on some internal schtuff for a while and when that's in order, then it releases excess weight.

At any rate, I am completely with you on doing this for health and on giving up on losing weight.


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*@Terez- Glad you can relate! As soon as I look at the scale and noticed that I have dropped a few pounds I immediately think I can eat something in moderation...then that same 5 pounds is back in no time. This cycle is OVER! So glad to have a break from looking at that scale!!!

*@Derval- Thanks for the post...so fitting for sure! I am definitely choosing not to mess up...I'm just not sure I have all the rules down since I haven't read the book. So I meant that if for some reason I find that I accidentally haven't been compliant (sugar in the bacon, snacking, etc) then I will start over from the beginning.

Day 2:

M1: Veggie scramble in coconut oil and 1 chicken sausage (Hubby came home from night shift and made this for all of us while I took a bath!) Black coffee with cinnamon

Snack: Banana with almond better and sea salt

M2: Leftover chili over sweet potato... How full should we feel after a meal?

Will do yoga early this evening and am planning on leftover chicken and vegetables... I feel great today!

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Day 3:

M1: Veggie scramble with 2 pieces of bacon and black coffee with cinammon

went to hot yoga and had some almonds on the drive home

M2: Last of the chili over a sweet potato and half a plate of kale

Snacked on a banana with almond butter and sea salt

M3: 2 fried eggs in CO, wild smoked salmon, and sauteed spinach in CO and garlic- this was just ok and left me wanting something sweet...

Snacked on pistachios after dinner

It was an okay day...glad I made it to yoga...had some energy to clean up the house after my lunch...but feeling in a fog right now...

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Day 4: Still going strong!

M1: Veggie Scramble with breakfast sausage- I'm loving these big family meals in the am...we'll see how it goes when school starts back again though...

Hot yoga- it was super tough, but I made it through

Snack: almonds on the drive home

M2: Made a spicy seasoned beef and tomato concoction...it was ok... poured it over a baked sweet potato and plate full of kale

Full til dinner 8 hours later!

M3: Side salad with red wine vinegar and EVOO, Pork chop with brussel sprouts, prosciutto, onions, and a few bites of sweet potato- ate this at a restaurant and it's something I NEVER would've ordered before...but it was so good and I'm so proud to have stayed on track!

Hope everyone is hanging in there...

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Day 5: A rough one for sure

M1: Veggie scramble with ghee and 2 slices of bacon

M2: Didn't happen- had to take daughter to the ER after she swallowed a watch battery. She's ok, we're watching her and waiting for it to pass. But a long, scary, stressful day it has been and will continue to be until she passes it.

Snack: Pack of almonds on the way home

Dinner: I tried chili on sweet potato and kale, but wasn't feeling the potato. Heated up leftovers from dinner last night. It all sufficed. But I wanted a big glass of wine and bowl of popcorn more than anything!

Ah well...another day strong!

Terez- Hearty up the portions for sure...I find I can add a big bunch of kale or spinach and it does wonder towards keeping me full!

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Ah well...another day strong!

Oh no!! Another day strong, indeed! Good example of where life would take us off track if we hadn't planned ahead (meaning, although you wanted the popcorn and wine, you did have the healthy eats in-house to make something compliant).

Terez- Hearty up the portions for sure...I find I can add a big bunch of kale or spinach and it does wonder towards keeping me full!

You know, I was out of greens that day. You're right, they cook down so much that we can eat a lot without it feeling like a huge volume. I'm not a fan of spinach or baby kale but I love regular kale. Didn't feel like breakfast today but I had some kale with eggs and an avocado.

Actually, I had that avocado first in an effort to convince myself that it would be enough to eat. If not for my goal of "meat/eggs + vegetable(s) at every meal" I would have just had the avocado and been done with it. (Or rather, and then been hungry again in an hour or so!)

Keep Calm and Whole30 On, Megan. :wub:


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Day 6: Hanging in

M1: Paleo OMG Carmelized Onion Fritatta (so yummy filled up me and hubs and had a little leftover. I should've added in some greens on the side though)

Snack: Dried fruit and nuts while waiting in ER again (the battery has moved further south but its still in there)

M2: Filet with spinach salad and EVOO and grilled mushrooms

M3: Leftover Fritatta

Snack:Banana with almond butter and sea salt

An okay day. The books arrived so hopefully they will bring some much needed motivation and recipes!

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Day 7: Battery came out! Great day for sure!

M1: Veggie scramble with 2 slices of Bacon and black coffee with cinnamon

M2: Cleaned out veggie drawer and made a plate of kale, zucchini, red bell pepper, green onions, smoked salmon and guacamole. It was pretty good! Added a small bowl of mixed berries and slivered almonds.

Snack: Dried fruit and nuts

M3: Harvest Squash soup, half a chicken breast, and spinach salad with EVOO and balsamic vinegar.

Snack: Banana with almond butter and sea salt (this may be becoming a bit of crutch for me...I love it so much!!!) I think I ate it just for the taste tonight instead of being genuinely hungry :(

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yeah things like that are just a pseudo-desert really...I was a divil for apple slices & almond butter, berries & coconut milk etc...and they weren't for hunger, just for yumminess' sake . It's hard. I'm trying to forgo the above this round.

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I gave up almonds and almond butter for the W30 except if they're called for as an ingredient in a recipe. Eating them as a snack, I eat way too much and would end up compromising the nutrition of my meals because I'd be less hungry at mealtime (or skip meals altogether).

Cutting out a healthy treat because we're just eating it for yumminess, well, I don't entirely get that. Seems OK to me. But maybe that's because I don't have much of a sweet tooth.

I'm also thinking maybe I should re-read ISWF. I read it about a month ago. Seems I need a refresher in the psychological side.

And, hey -- Yay! for your daughter!!


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Day 8:

M1: Black coffee with cinnamon, veggie scramble and chicken sausage

Made it to Hot Yoga!

Post Workout Snack: Green Apple with a little almond butter

M2: Harvest soup and added three pieces of bacon

Snack: Pistachio nuts and a couple almonds

M3: Organic Hot dog with carrots and guacamole (my kids loved this meal and ate a ton of carrots with the spicy guac! who knew???)

Closed the kitchen at 7pm when I tucked the kids in...no snacking tonight!

Kudos to you both(Terez and Derval) for being able to give up nuts and butters this go round...I'm definitely not ready for that if I want to finish this thing! But I will eat them with more awareness from now on!

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Day 9:

M1: Veggie scramble and 2 cups of black coffee

Hot Yoga! Yay!

M2: Last of the squash soup with 2 pieces of bacon

Snack: A couple pieces each of pineapple and watermelon

M3: Chocolate chili, half of large sweet potato, mixed greens, and guac on top

It's 6:36pm and I have a headache that won't quit. Kitchen is closed and I'll be in bed early...good night!

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Day 10:

M1: Veggie scramble with 1 slice of bacon

Hot yoga!

M2: Baked sweet potato with chocolate chilli, mixed greens, and guac on top

Snack: Spoonful of almond butter

M3: Smoked salmon on mixed greens with chopped onion and guac

Snack: almonds

I have had a ton of cravings today...no fun, but I made it through! 10 days without one bite of sugar is something to be proud of ;)

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Ha! Thanks Terez....my meals definitely do seem repetitive but it does seems to be working so far!

Day 12

M1: Veggie scramble with a ton of veggies and half a chicken sausage

Hot yoga with hubby!

M2: Once again a baked sweet potato and chocolate chili with kale

M3: Roasted my first chicken and vegetables...it turned out well!

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Day 13

M1: Just couldn't get myself to make a scramble so I enjoyed a banana with almond butter and made a kale salad with mashed avocado, lemon, and sea salt. I loved having so many greens at the beginning of the day!

M2: Leftover roasted chicken and veggies

M3: Butternut squash mash with hamburger beef and homemade marinara then I topped it with guac and kale. It was actually good and super filling.

Watched the golden globes without snacking! I don't think Ive ever sat in front of the tv for that long without eating something! It is so nice to feel full in between meals! But my clothes aren't fitting any better yet and my body looks the exact same. I'm trying to be patient...I really am ;)

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Ha! Derval that was perfect and totally made me smile :) Thanks!

Day 14

M1: Veggie scramble and chicken sausage

Snack: Banana with almond butter

M2: Leftover chicken and veggies

Snack: spoonful of almond butter and almonds!

M3: Smoked salmon on kale and spinach with onion and guac on top

Snack: What?! Bowl of mixed berries with sliced almonds

Seriously?! I could not stop eating all day. I was lazy and crabby all day too... I thought this was supposed to be getting easier rather than harder?!

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