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Megan's W30 Food Log Jan1-?


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Day 16

M1: Veggie scramble with 2 slices of bacon

M2: Leftover chicken and broccoli

Snack: almonds

M3: Kale salad with hard boiled egg, bacon, and guac...so good!!!

I'm still having a lot of cravings and lacking in energy. But I am sleeping really well...hopefully more energy will come tomorrow. Two of my littles are sick and I haven't been able to yoga since Saturday...maybe tomorrow things will turn around!

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Day 17:

M1: Veggie Scramble with chicken sausage

Hot Yoga! But my toddler coughed and had a runny nose I was asked not to bring her until she ALL better... I get it but she seemed fine this AM!

Snack: Banana with almond butter and black coffee with cinnamon

M2: Kale salad with chicken and guac

M3: Smokey Bacon Chili over an undercooked sweet potato and the last of the kale. Didn't eat the tater :(

I really thought about giving up today... a glass of wine and some dark chocolate were literally all I could think about since 5. But I made it through and I'm off to bed with one more day under my belt.

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Yay, Megan! Hot yoga and slaying the wine dragon!

I noticed you've cut back on the almond snacks (way to go). Have you increased your meals as well? Today I noticed that I start looking for snacks when my meals weren't big enough (or they didn't have enough fat).

Just some thoughts.

And hey -- at least you're just dealing with a little one with a runny nose, and not a little one with a battery. Things are looking up. ;)


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Days 18,19, and 20: Still compliant but wasn't happy about it!

The rage definitely hit me during the last three days. My husband was off from work and I was angry. Really, really angry that I was doing this. I wanted wine, and chocolate, and a REAL date night that included these things! But he talked me down, he supported me, and I worked through it. We made some great food and we stayed compliant. I read some interesting pieces about others who are struggling. It made me see just how hard these old habits/relationships to food are to change. And if they worked before then why would I need to change them? So I'm still here...hanging in there...trying to change... hope you guys are too...

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Day 21:

M1: banana with almond butter and black coffee (definitely not enough and no veggies :()

Snack: Clementine and almonds (out and about)

M2: banana and almond butter and another black coffee...I didn't want to cook and it sounded good!

Snack: Macadamia nuts (OMG nothing better than these little gems!)

Dinner: Better butter chicken and red chard from Everyday Paleo (It was way too rich for me but the rest of my family ate it and loved it! Yay!)

Walked 2.5 miles on treadmill at 5% incline

Snack: Guacamole and carrots and bell pepper

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Day 22:

M1: Veggie Scramble with 1 piece of bacon


M2: Chipotle salad with carnitas, pico de gallo, and guacamole

Snack: Munched on a few macadamia nuts

M3: Chili on a big plate of kale

Snack: A couple more macadamia nuts

I had a noticeable amount of more energy today! And my mood seemed to stay stable even through the 5 o' clock witching hour! This was really nice to feel!!!

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Day 3:

M1: Banana with almond butter

M2: Local Chorizo, 2 eggs fried in co, and kale

Snack: Macadamia nuts

M3: Chipotle salad with carnitas and guac

Walked 2.5 miles

I had a bit of a sore throat all day...it came and went. Had a little more enegry than usual and was able to clean and walk after the kids went down. A good day!

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Well I made it to day 27 then woke that AM and just wanted toast! I was getting angry at the program and tired of meat and eggs. And what's so wrong with a little bread?! So I ate it and soon realized...I felt really, really bad. I got a terrible stomach ache about 45 minutes later and it didn't even taste very good! I had no idea that I would have that reaction. I picked up the book "Wheat Belly" and have been reading that since.

So I didn't quite make the whole 30, but I learned a lot! Sugar, wheat, and processed foods are staying out of my diet for right now, but a glass of wine with my husband on his nights off and maybe some really good dark chocolate are on the horizon :) I've lost 6 pounds and do have a bit more energy to keep up with my kids. My sleep has improved dramatically and I have learned a whole new way of eating without needing to snack.

Thanks Terez and Derval for the continued motivation...it's been fun!

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Oh, gosh, I've been thinking of bread today! I have it scheduled in as my fourth reintroduction, and I'm really hoping my body doesn't hate it now! (Well, if it didn't taste good, that would be all right...)

Congratulations on your successful Whole27, Megan!!!


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