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Another new starter for 01.01.13...


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Finally going all in. Been flirting with paleo/primal for over a year. The two things keeping me from committing to a Whole30 is an unwillingness to stop drinking coffee and foregoing alcohol. I can't imagine drinking coffee without Splenda (yea, I know) and heavy cream but it is time. If I have to give up coffee completely so be it. I used to rarely drink alcohol. I always assumed the role of "designated driver". Now that my husband has pretty much stopped drinking, I've gotten into the habit of having a drink when we do our date nights. I used to have a margarita once a month, but more recently, I find myself drinking them weekly. So doing away with alcohol as well.

Doing a Whole30 and 21DSD all at the same time. If I keep waiting for the perfect time, I'll never do it. So despite the fact that I am traveling right this minute, I began today.

Today went well. I was quite dizzy by mid-afternoon, but I made sure to drink lots of water and I even laid down in a dark room. I tried to nap, but didn't quite get there, but I was able to relax and the dizziness passed.

My main goal is to overcome a serious case of insulin resistance. I plan on doing the Whole30 and 21DSD as long as it takes to undo all the damage I've done over the years.

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Hi Jodi. How was the first week for you? Ready for week 2?

Doing surprisingly well. Seems like the last two days, I'm kind of pissed at the limitaions (even more so on me since I decided to do a 21 DSD at the same time), but I know in the end I'll be happy I did it. By doing them both at the same time, I'll learn about my body and the effect food has on me even better since, the 21 DSD finishes a week earlier. At that time, I'll be able to introduce a little more fruit (mostly berries) and maybe a sweet potato here and there and I'll be able to see what it does to my glucose readings.

I definitely can not deny the effect doing this has had on my glucose levels. I honestly was eating Paleo/Primal for 80% or better. But, every now and then I would slip in chips and salsa or a margarita, the ocassional rice in gumbo...even some ice cream once in a blue moon and when things got really bad a Dr. Pepper (something I was addicted to before I was diagnosed with Diabetes). And then there was the ever present two cups of coffee each with 2 splendas and heavy cream every morning. Waking with mostly 200+ fasting blood sugar on a daily basis and fighting highs all day with insulin...and by the sixth day of the Whole30/21 DSD, 6 days only, my fasting blood sugars are consistently below 100. No I can not deny this.

There have been times that I was uncompliant in dosing the insulin because I know that the insulin tends to keep the weight on (my younger sister experiences the same thing). Anytime I want to see quick weight loss results, I stop using insulin. I quickly lose about 20 pounds, but then I go to the doctor and my A1c is creeping up and the docs say you must be compliant. You must eat whole grains, etc. etc. all of which means I must shoot insulin. It is a vicious circle I tell you. But by three days in on the Whole 30/21 DSD my fasting is within normal limits and I have completely stopped using fast acting insulin and I have cut in half the amount of long lasting insulin (Lantus) that I am using.

Just that by itself is enough to make me want to continue to do this. The fact that my clothes are getting loose doesn't hurt either...

Week 2 is feeling easy (but I am not getting cocky). I did sleep all night (did not even get up to go to the bathroom until 6:00 this morning, which means I had more than 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep and I easily went back to sleep for another hour. Maybe that is why I've decided to let my husband live this morning in spite of the corn chip incident. Well, that and the fact that he took my car to get the oil changed. :)

edited to correct the day that my fasting sugars began to be under 100, thought it was day 3, but actually day 6...still better than I could have ever imagined.

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