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Day 1, First Ever Whole30


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I have struggled with digestive issues since I was in my late 20's, diverticulitis and acid reflux culminating in having 18 inches of intestine removed in 2013 at 37 years old.  I am now 42 and still dealing with gut pain and acid reflux.  I am tired and constantly bloated, BUT... I have so much hope.  I have been considering doing the Whole 30 for a long time, but I could not stand the thought of giving up dairy.  I needed creamer in my coffee.  I needed cheese.  And who can give up drinking for 30 days?!?

Recently my drinking has gotten more frequent and it makes me feel crappy.  The food choices I make make me feel crappy and I am ready, finally to do this thing!

I actually ate mostly compliant yesterday with the only non-compliant thing being the last of my homemade salad dressing.  I am not counting that as day one though.

The irony of today being day one is this: I have heard many stories of people having to withstand the temptation of treats or lunch being brought into the workplace.  Today, I was the one bring in the food.  I am the Union president and brought lunch to my membership for our meeting, wraps, cookies, fruit and veg. trays. and I had a nice plate of fruit and vegetables.  It wasn't even hard...might be next week, but not today.

Here's to all the other's starting Whole30 May 1st.  Huzzah!

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Hi Heather,

I hear you on the dairy, the black coffee and the no wine for 30 days!  Just thought I'd send you a note to say I'm on day 12 and I have broken my coffee habit (gave it up completely to see if the caffeine is affecting my digestive issues) and although I still occasionally miss dairy - the lack of cheese and milk isn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be! So if Day 2 or 3 seem super hard (they were for me) - it gets better!


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