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Happy Tuesday!


I’m now 30+ days post-Whole 30 and I literally do not think I have ever felt better. I mean, I am still carrying an extra 25-30 pounds that are slowly coming off, but I KNOW my body is getting healthier by the day. I learned that most dairy and gluten is not what my body needs, and have really only added grains sporadically. My sugar addiction is so far gone that I’ve stuck to black coffee!  I’ve learned that reading labels doesn’t take that long, and saves me from mindless consumption.

My entire relationship with food has changed, and I finally understand how freeing it is. In the past two weeks, I have traveled one weekend, went to a Major League Baseball game, ran a 5K, attended our oldest daughter’s wedding. I decided nachos were worth it at the game, and chose real food the rest of the time. I’ve loosened the strict Whole 30 rules, but not much. I just feel so much better eating this way. 

I didn’t do my Whole 30 to lose weight, but I have lost it steadily. 

I’m running, y’all. Running! 

I am so incredibly thankful for this program, the vast amount of information and support here and in the wide network of fellow freedom seekers. It sounds like an exaggeration, but this has saved me - saved me from myself, saved me from the rollercoaster dieting, saved me from the frustration of chasing one fad after another (shakes, pills, points, etc).

i will be 50 in about a year and a half, and it feels good to just know that I will be the healthiest me at that age instead of where I was headed. 

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Congrats to you!  Your post is inspiring.  I've just finished my first Whole 30.  I have started the reintroduction process of foods I like but I definitely have learned my sugar dragon is alive and well...Still!  But, I also have seen how it impacts my mood and energy...talk about a deep crash.  So, I will limit my access to pastries/chocolate and other sweets.  I couldn't wait to buy my flavored coffee creamer with sweetener but now I will even ration that and only use it sometimes.  I love eating clean and how I feel when I'm watching my food intake but I also love knowing that if I want a macaroon...or 4, I can have it, if I feel like dealing with the energy loss and moodiness :)

 It's all about the food freedom! Enjoy

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