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Day 29: Getting sick(er)? (and other things)

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So day 28 is finishing up for me which means I have two days left.

At the beginning of this whole30 (my first time), I did feel little stomach aches now and again... nothing that seemed too concerning. I figured it was all the vegetables I was now eating. (I was trying a lot of new ones too! -or at least ones I hardly ate before: cabbage, butternut squash, spaghetti squash, beets, kale, swiss chard, etc..

At the beginning of today, I started to feel my throat sore. I cheated and had one honey-lemon drop (didn't help much so I didn't have anymore). Feeling a little feverish, I took some medicine, slept, and pretty much feel the same (but with no fever).
I feel terrible/sick! About once a year, I tend to get "sick symptoms" but never actually get sick (I really rarely NEVER get sick). -Usually this happens because I get stressed and my immune system weakens just a tiny bit.

95% of what I've been drinking has been water (a gulp of pineapple or apple juice if a recipe calls for it).
My meals are usually some kind of meat/protein with vegetable (cooked in fat: oil or clarified butter). I think during week two, I skipped a few meals because I was just so full!
For snacks, I have apples, oranges, or approved larabars.

I'm quite concerned about this because my day 30 is so close! I'm determined to go to the end... but I wonder... what about my re-introduction phase? I can't really re-introduce things if I feel sick? I might confuse symptoms! (was it because I am sick, or because I ate the bread?)

I almost feel like I spent a month for nothing! D:
(I really wanted to do this 98% correct and told myself if I decide to do it next time, that I'll know what other food groups upsets me and take it a little easier for myself)

Also, I know it's not day 30 but I weighed/measured myself. I haven't lost weight (or gained) any, but I did loose an inch around my stomach! yay! I'm quite happy about that! I'm honestly not concerned with weight numbers but am very happy about the measurement on my stomach. ^^

Another thing: pretty sure I didn't catch this from anyone as no one around me (that I know of) is sick... and I'm on my 4th day of vacation, so I've been kinda isolated...

Sorry for the long post/Thank you for those who read the whole thing!


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I went to the doctor today and found out I have strep throat. Least now I can re-introduce foods while knowing my symptoms of a fever and sore throat are from strep.

I would've edited the main post for this, but couldn't find that link.

(I still wonder why I got strep after being isolated for four days...)

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1 hour ago, Chi said:

(I still wonder why I got strep after being isolated for four days...)

It can take up to five days after exposure to strep to show symptoms. 

You can only edit posts up to about 15 minutes after you post them, after that there's no edit button.

Sorry no one answered you before. You might still be careful about the reintroductions -- many people find dairy increases mucus production/sinus drainage, which will just add to the sore throat. Other foods can as well, but that one seems pretty common, so maybe at least hold off on the dairy til you're feeling better. 

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