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New W30 member starting 1.2.2013

Special K

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Hey there fellow W30s! Kristina here starting my first Whole 30 program. Ready to get back into my CrossFit routine and be the Paleo warrior I was 2 months ago. Then life happened: lay off from work, a big move and now sharing a friend's house, looking for work. and I gained back 10-15 pounds of the 30 that I lost last year.

I definitely will miss the half-n-half in my coffee, but I am ready to get "clean" again for this 30 days. I'll look forward to sharing success stories with everyone.


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Day 1: 1/2/2013

Here it goes!

Current stats: Weight: 159, Waist at belly button: 34"; Age: 48

I feel so blah. I haven't exercised since before Christmas and my body is letting me know it needs some "abuse". I have gone on walks, but I don't count that as exercise. Before I moved down to VIrginia Beach the first part of November, I had been doing CrossFit pretty consistently, 4-5 days a week, and had been following Paleo pretty strict. My cheats would be alcohol (wine mostly, a few beers), half-n-half in my coffee. But very very rarely would I "sneak" a sweet. I had cut out all sugar from my diet and anything that would convert to glucose in my system (carbs, fruit, breads, etc.) For a 48 year old, I got very lean, strong, and was able to fit into my skinny jeans with room for more. I was stoked I could fit into a size 4 and was pretty damn proud of myself. I was also doing kipping pullups without a band, and ALMOST could do a strict pullup without any momentum....Now my belly flab came back and my legs have lost that lean definition, and my arms aren't looking as shapely and buff as they did in a sleeveless blouse. Where did my resolve go? I would say the big stressors (move, job), are a huge factor. Therefore, I will not beat myself up for gaining a few pounds back, and falling off my program and eating whatever (pierogies, rich cream sauces, wine, more wine, beer, cookies, bread, sugar coated everything).. I feel pretty crappy. and I have a constant post-nasal.... and have noticed a slight irritation in my knees when I run.

But as the Whole30 program says "no excuses!" My energy level is pretty consistent, so I don't struggle there, thankfully. My last CF workout was before Christmas and boy what a difference taking a couple months off! ugh. I'll be back at the Box today.

Since I didn't get up until 9:30 this morning, I wasn't hungry at all. Drank some water, fed the kitties, and started the coffee pot. The first cup without my h-n-h was disappointing. 2nd cup was better, now it actually tastes ok! I nibbled on some chicken pieces I had cooked before, but I still don't have much of an appetite yet.

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Just wanted to say I hope you are able to get back to the box this afternoon. Sounds like you have a useful attitude about the transition you've been through— beating yourself up doesn't do anything except demotivate! Well done and keep us posted.

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Thanks for the positive words, ccraven and Kirsteen!

End of Day 1 report--

I stayed legal today, hooray! but did not make it to the box. But that's ok. I'll be ready for it tomorrow.

Now that it is time for bed, I am feeling VERY hungry. I know I didn't eat enough today and that's why I'm hungry. I didn't prepare enough for my first day, so tomorrow will be getting all my meals ready for the next few days.

I had been falling in a habit of opening a bottle of wine every evening, and I was VERY tempted to do the same this evening. Instead I read some of the inspiring blogs, and settled for a cup of coffee with coconut milk.

Food intake: late morning: 4 pieces of chicken (about 3 oz), coffee. Early dinner: big salad with one can of albacore, tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado. tossed with balsamic vinegar and EVOO. Good stuff.

Well, I just have to add this part in -- I think I probably dropped a couple pounds considering the amount of time I spent in the bathroom today! :)

Here's to day 1, 29 more to go!

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Day 2 check-in: Success! A little grumpy, but made it through. Very hungry today.

My challenges? Walking into the Whole Foods market through their little restaurant type area and seeing a roomful of revelers hoopin' it up drinking beer... how easy it would have been to join in; driving by an interesting looking Mexican restaurant thinking how good a marguerita would taste... ah but it's only 28 more days. What's 30 days, really?? just a flash in time. HOw many times I have thought where does the time go, so I may as well do something productive in the small moments.

Successes? resisting the impulses!

Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs with onion and cherry tomatoes sauteed in coconut oil. coffee with coconut milk

Lunch: more like a snack, still hadn't gone grocery shopping. Just a can of tuna! Hey, it satisfied the hunger pains.

Dinner: I cut up 2 chicken breasts and simmered them in an Indian curry sauce I bought at Whole Foods. very tasty. I checked the ingredient label, no sugar, no milk products, so it was legal. Half way through the simmer, I added in a whole bag of frozen broccoli florets. and voila dinner in 30 minutes.

Finally back to the CrossFit box today. Painfully good. 5 rounds of 10 Toes to Bar, 10 snatches (50#) and 10 wall balls (12#, was supposed to be 14#, but I was glad there weren't any 14# balls left) I was the last to finish, and only completed 4 rounds.

Watched a very inspirational documentary last night on Netflix that has been out for awhile: "Forks over Knives". I recommend it!

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Impressed by your crossfit efforts K! I'm back into it next Monday after a 4 month absence and I am bracing myself for a world of pain! As long as I can still ride my bike to get to work I'll be happy though! Keep it up!

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Missed a few days-- Days 3 and 4 were all good, stayed legal, but feeling oh-so groggy and foggy. I wonder if this is what true detox feels like after quitting cold turkey from all the holiday indulgences, and pretty heavy drinking! I just kept feeling like my brain was in a fog all day and not quite clear-headed.

Then, I had a cheat day yesterday, Sunday, my day 5. :( Dammit! I was running around all day long, putting applications in at different restaurants, and got so hungry, I stopped at one place along the beach and had a semi-legal meal: cornmeal crusted crab cakes with a remoulade sauce, sweet potatoes, and broccoli with a cheese sauce. then I had to go and order a dirty martini, then another....

Well that was yesterday, and I'm not going to start over. Today is my Day 6 and I will simply reset myself and be strict today, this moment, this minute, and not worry about yesterday.

Onward! Stronger, tougher leaner!

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Day 6 was legal but was an emotional roller coaster.

TOday is Day 7 and feeling better.

Very late breakfast, may as well call it lunch at 1:30pm: 2 hardboiled eggs, sliced with 1/2 avocado. Seasoned with hot sauce, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper. yum!

I take daily vitamins: Garden of Life Daily for women, omega-3 capsule, calcium with Vitamin D, Q-zyme Digestive enzyme.

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Thanks Cheryl!

FInished up Day 7 with a bang yesterday.

Made it to CrossFit for the 4:30 WOD. Happy that I can almost string together a couple double-unders. Pretty tough workout, as usual.

Dinner was great. I sauteed some onions and garlic in Coconut Oil, added in Organic Grass-fed beef from Beyond Organic farms, browned that all up, dumped in a can of diced, roasted tomatoes, and voila. Served it over fresh spinach and arugula to get my veggies in. Pretty tasty.

Today is Day 8, and feeling pretty good at the start of the day!

Could use some more breakfast options....

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Well, I started over on February 20 for my Day 1. Today is my Day 9 and have been alcohol-free for 10 days. I am pretty darn proud of that. I signed up for the Daily emails and find them very helpful. Observations thus far:

-- Days 1-7 were exactly as promised: I was sluggish, dragging my feet, sour-puss mood wise

-- Workouts (I do CrossFit) were extremely painful during Days 1-7. I hadn't done a WOD in 10 days or so and was sore for the entire week.

-- Pretty happy with myself that I was able to resist all the temptations at dinner, and visiting friends, especially when it comes to wine and adult beverages. I was in a pattern of drinking every day, just about. And it would be nothin for me to polish off an entire bottle of wine plus, on my own! I think that is the reason why the first week was so tough, detoxing off of all that alcohol in my system.

Current status

-- Did a WOD every day this week, and will finish up the week 100%

-- Sleep is restless. I've been waking up a lot in the middle of the night and can't fall back asleep. LAst night I woke up at 2am, tossed and tossed and tossed until around 6am, then fell asleep and awoke at 10:30 feeling groggy. I'm waiting for the promise of "waking up with ease, with energy..." I have yet to experience that feeling. I followed all the suggestions of blocking out the window (hung up a blanket), turn off all electronics, etc. I usually don't have trouble falling asleep, but it's a challenge to sleep through the night. Possible causes -- drinking too much water before bed. But I'm always thirsty. I always have a glass at my bedside. I usually wake up possibly because I have to pee. I also live in a house with 4 cats and a dog.... 3 of the cats are mine, and one or two of them usually come in to sleep with me, sometimes after they have had a "discussion" - i.e., hissing over who gets to jump on the bed. Sometimes it wakes me up, sometimes not. All I know is that I have GOT to sleep through the night. I may have to close the door for awhile and not let any guests in....

-- food planning. Still need to work on this. I know I'm not eating enough. Because of my messed up sleeping patterns, I'm never hungry until about noon.. I'm trying to follow Melissa and Dallas' recommendation to eat anyway, the body will adjust, but I still need to do that. I will focus on that for Week 2.

So what I will be doing here on out, to help myself be accountable, and track my progress, is to blog everything I eat.

over and out,

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Day 9

1st Meal, around noon: 2 scrambled eggs with green salsa, coffee (several cups throughout the day) with coconut milk

Purchased "Well Fed: Paleo Recipes for People Who Love to Eat" by Melissa Joulwan. HIGHLY Recommend it! She follows all the Hartwigs' guidelines.

2nd meal around 2, 2:30: chicken sausage and a mango

4:30 WOD -- progress!! I can finally string together Toes-to-bar. great feeling, it finally 'clicked', thanks to great coaches at my gym.

7:30 Dinner date at Carrabbas: sparkling water (instead of bottle of wine I would normally order), 9-oz center cut sirloin and side salad with balsamic dressing, and green beans. Big wins: as much as I would have thoroughly enjoyed the bread dipped in olive oil, I didn't even reach for it. Great meal, ate everything, not a bite left on my plate.

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Hi, I empathise with the cats waking you up. I only have one but he frequently wakes me up mumphing over which part of the bed he's going to sleep in. i also usually get up to pee during the night as i get thirsty and keep water by my bed. However I am finding now, more & more that I wake up, or get up and then get right back to sleep again instead of tossing and turning for hours. The two things that have helped are taking magnesium at night, most people take Natural Calm, unflavoured. I can't get that here so I make do with magnesium citrate and the thing that's helped most, I swear is eating breakfast as soon as I get up. I found it difficult, I wasn't hungry, I hadn't eaten breakfast in decades but forcing myself to eat it has really paid off. Now I look forward to it and I've really noticed that I sleep better the nights I eat breakfast. If anything crops up and I don't get to eat breakfast, I definitely don't sleep as well that night.

Sleep is really important so good luck with getting into a routine.

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Scotland Moderator- I appreciate the post! I'll check out getting some magnesium.

DAY 10 Progress:

Had a better night's sleep last night -- was in bed by 10:30? I think. read until 11:30 and didn't have difficulty falling asleep. Woke around 6am, peed, and went back to sleep. Awoke again at 9:30, still feeling groggy, but got up. As soon as I'm up the grogginess disappears. I guess sometimes the hardest part is getting your head off the pillow!

1st Meal at 10:45am: I wasn't hungry but made myself eat. 2 scrambled eggs with green salsa and 1/2 avocado. Coffee with coconut milk.

2nd Meal at 2:30pm: chicken sausage, 1/2 avocado, tangerine.

4:30 WOD

3rd meal around 6pm: 2 hard boiled eggs over spinach with green olives and tomatoes. Balsamic vinegar and EVOO for dressing.

snack at 9pm: butternut squash mixed with salsa and pistachios

another day in the bank!

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DAY 11: Onward and upward!

1st meal 10am: 2 scrambled eggs with 1/2 avocado, salsa

2nd meal: 3pm: browned ground beef with a can of chopped tomatoes, chopped artichoke hearts. Served over fresh spinach. cashews for desert

35-40 minute walk/light jog with the dog

3rd meal around 9pm: salad with grilled chicken. Ate out at a bar and drank club soda all night. A miracle. Wasn't even tempted to have drink!

Did some dancing.

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Day 12: (Sunday, March 3)

1st meal: 9:30a: leftover ground beef with tomatoes over spinach. Coffee with coconut milk.

2nd meal/snack: 3pm: cashews and coconut water and probiotic drink.

4:30: couple slices of deli ham & turkey

then a huge curve ball-- I had a planned dinner party to go to with former co-workers and didn't find out what was being served until I got there. some sort of lasagna-type cheesy, totally non compliant dish. ugh. I was starving so I made the decision this would be a total "cheat" evening and indulged. It was pretty delicious, all the time knowing I would regret it. I had a big serving of it plus a large salad, glass of wine (only one) plus a decadent home-made chocolate chip cheese cake WITH ice cream. pretty damn good.

Do I start over? I REALLY do NOT want to start this whole process over again.... I'm 100% back on board this morning, tummy feeling ok, a bit bloated. One of the things I noticed is that I really didn't even enjoy the wine. I think I was so tired (it was a 3-hour drive), plus all the carbs at dinner had me pretty relaxed and the wine accentuated everything.


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Day 13: Monday

Back on 100%. I am not going to start over, and will keep the cheat evening as a little hiccup, not to be repeated for the rest of the 30.

Observations on the day after: Since it was a travel day back home, I was so tempted to get a big ole Burger King whopper. As I drove by the options of where to eat, I thought through the entire temptations:

--the first few bites of the juicy flavorful hamburger from Burger King, or Five Guys, and how good it would taste

--the awful feeling I would have afterwards: bloated, guilty, negative feelings, knowing it was terrible nutrition for my body

--the great feeling of overcoming the temptation and the rejoicing my body had in eating a much better selection: smoked salmon over greens with capers and onion from a little diner and a broccoli salad.

The whole drive home (a 3-hour drive), I was feeling the symptoms of poor food choices from the night before: uncomfortable bloating, needle-like pains in the abdomen.

7pm WOD-- did some running outside and glad I was burning off all the carbs

9pm dinner: sauteed fresh green beans in coconut oil with caramelized onions, broiled salmon with onion, artichoke hearts, capers.

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