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Daycare Lunches


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I know this is an old thread, but I'm a former daycare worker, so I've had to deal with nut free classrooms. Sunbutter Brand has a no-sugar added Sunflower seed butter that is allowed. 

Compliant deli meat made into little roll-ups with veggies inside or cut into fun shapes. Hotdogs/sausage or leftovers from dinner would also work. Just make sure everything is cut. Even if your child eats things like whole grapes or hot dogs at home, a lot of schools won't allow children to eat them, so it's better just to have everything pre-cut ready to eat. (I worked at a school that wouldn't allow older preschoolers to have baby carrots unless they were cooked)

Ask if mayonaise is allowed. It does contain eggs, but if it's allowed, you can make chicken or tuna salad. (If it isn't, use avocado instead).

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