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I bought the books and was disappointed to see only a few breakfast ideas. Are there more resources for breakfast recipes? I’m sort of learning to cook alongside the Whole 30 (I’ve cooked before, just not a lot - I was primarily a baker) and I’m actually excited about the prospect, but I need recipes to follow! I really do not want to eat the same 2-3 breakfast everyday for 30+ days. Of course, I do that now with oatmeal, but I can’t have oatmeal! Thank you! 

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It helps to remember that there is no such thing as "breakfast food." Anything you eat for any other meal works for breakfast too.

If you want breakfasty types of foods, you can do frittatas or egg casseroles using whatever vegetables you like. You could make breakfast sausage. Or do a breakfast salad like this:

The main thing is to make your meals match the meal template as best you can. 

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