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May 5th - day 1 whole30(3)


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Time to start anew!

I did it before...twice! So what’s stopping me now?


My motivation : (1) getting rid of inflammation in my right foot ; (2) getting rid of coming and going aches which are probably caused by inflammation; (3) fear of diabetes ; (4) impending menopause 

My goals : (1) state of tiger blood ; (2) gaining control of eating habits ; (3) weight controle

My little helpers : (1) awareness of Hungry Angry Lonely Tired ; this thread to keep me accountable ; (3) Whole30 Day by day


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Hey, Kwantum....I started today.

I have done it before also, and have started many more times but stumbled.

My motivations are to look and feel as good as an exercise teacher of mine who transformed herself with clean eating.  I started a 30 day yoga challenge today to get back to a practice I love - and it really was HARD this morning.  Lots of stiffness where there used to be ease.  I want to put the two together.

I also want to get a handle on my relationship with wine.  Too much, too often (2 glasses a night) and my aging body really doesn't handle it well any more. My husband drinks every night, but seems to be unfazed by it - unlike me.

For me, putting some form of exercise together with the meal planning and food awareness is a key helper.

I hope to lose weight also.  Today felt good, but there were MANY little moments of thoughts like: "cmon, you can go get a smoothie" or "a skim cappucino won't hurt".

In each case, just 15 minutes of something else seemed to push the thoughts away.

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Hi Mergthemagnificent & LindaK57,

So nice to have some fellow travelers! 

We can do this!

So how are you both doing one week into this challenge? 

I’m doing ok. I managed to survive 1 1/2 kill-all-the-things days without causing too much harm to my immediate family members, friends, colleages and innocent bystanders. :)

And now it’s off to week 2 ... the hardest one in my experience,

And I try and I try and I try and I try ..


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