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R1D25 Still feeling bad after meals

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Today is day 25 of my first round.  The main reason I started Whole30 was because of migraines and just feeling bad all the time - fatigue, brain fog, etc.  I have been waking up with energy and clarity for the last week or so, but after I eat breakfast I feel sluggish and tired and often get a mild headache.  My energy comes back late morning but then I feel bad again after lunch, and the cycle continues like this for dinner.  Yesterday was my worst migraine since starting 24 days ago, but I did get my monthly B12 shot which may have caused it.   I have been careful to stick to the template and have been looking for commonalities between meals - most days I have eggs, sweet potato and fruit with breakfast, but other than that I have not found a consistent pattern to what I am eating at lunch and dinner.  Those meals vary a lot more than breakfast and I still feel bad.  What should I do?  Should I cut out more foods? Finish this Whole30 round as-is and then get tested for food allergies/sensitivities?  I would appreciate advice.  Thanks!

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