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Whole30, here I come!!!


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Anna here, and this is my first ever Whole30 experience. Hubby and I have been really good about having a diet better than most, not as good as others, but we both know that improvements are to be made, and the improvements will only be to our benefit, so here we go!

My PRE-Whole30 self assessment:

Eating whole food won't be a challenge at all, because we made that switch years ago. The challenge will be to do so exclusively; we've recently started allowing ourselves more roadside stops "because we don't have time" and more sweet treats "because it's a party, after all." GRAINS: Gluten issues run in my hubby's family; he's sensitive, his mother and our daughter are both biopsied positive Celiac. No grains is easy.  DAIRY: that's going to be hard for him, not quite as hard for me, as I've noticed I feel so yucky afterward, anyway. SUGAR: likely a challenge, though I hope not too much; I don't even have processed sugar in my house, though I will probably miss that teeny touch of local honey in my tea. ALCOHOL: I don't think this will be a problem physically, but socially, I hope that my friends will all be super supportive and not offer. LOL.

Official start date - 5/14. Let's roll!

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