Starting to feel bad in week 3

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I am on day 16.    I felt really good for the first two weeks.    I definitely had cravings for the first week or so, and then those subsided, and I felt great.. increased energy, sleeping well, not hungry all day long like I usually am.  I was thinking that I was going to eat like this forever because I felt so good.   Then on day 14, it all went downhill.   I wasn't hungry at dinner time and felt tired since then.

My meals are usually - breakfast, eggs (2-4 depending on if I worked out in the morning), potato, green beans, tomatoes, a few olives

Lunch - usually chicken (sometimes thighs, sometimes breast) or sometimes a ground turkey/beef mix, veggies and usually potato

Dinner - same as lunch or if in a rush I've done eggs again or a small piece of steak with an egg and sides

On day 14, I had eaten beef burgers and a salad for lunch instead of my usual.   I had two small burgers because I had worked out.    Then on day 15, I had zucchini/potato hash and one burger.  Both days I couldn't stomach to eat dinner because I felt full from lunch for the rest of the night, so I forced myself to at least have an egg and a potato.

I am thinking that maybe it is from eating the beef burgers.   Maybe it's just too much fat, and my body isn't used to it.  And that combined with not being able to eat a normal dinner is throwing me off the whole next day.   My plan is to go back to leaner meats like I ate before Whole30 for now and see if that helps.   Any other suggestions?

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Just an update... still feeling tired on day 16... almost like a mini-hangover.   No changes to water intake, so I don't think it's dehydration.     


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