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Woo hoo, my local butcher does sugar free/ gluten free bacon. It has nitrates, but I can live with those for now. For any Canberra area people, Jordos Chop Shop has an online shop with deliveries. Grass fed beef (though he occasionally stocks grain fed, so just double check) and lamb, free range pork, cuts on the bone, beef fat etc.


Thanks [email protected]...

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You guys are awesome! Thanks so much for the tips. In regards to the curry paste. I was looking at the Ayam and other brands at Woolies when doing my shop yesterday, but I couldn't find any compliant ones. They all seem to have sugar when I look at the ingredient list. IS there one I can use while doing the Whole 30? Might have to try an Asian grocer for a bigger range.


The Melrose Coconut oil is the one that I have, we used it when making our fritatta and I am getting more used to the smell, I haven't found the taste over powering so that is good. 


I found the Macro Brand Coconut Cream and Milk at Woolies too. Same size can, compliant and a little cheaper. Will keep an eye out for the Ayam brand on that front as well.

So besides a curry, is there anything else you use for coconut milk/cream for?


First day today was a success - I think I need to be more mindful of my snacking though!

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Hi Aussie Mell, I use coconut cream/ milk in the kids smoothies, and a coconut milk pannacotta, but those might be considered too paleofied for the Whole30? The Honest to Goodness brand coconut milk is organic and no additives, plus BPA free tin. (Also available at Supabarns). I have always bought the Ayam brand because it has no additives.


I also buy my organic coconut oil at Honest to Goodness online, 5 litres for $75.40. Lasts for ages!


I also recently purchased Coconut Aminos and Red Boat Fish Sauce from Rachaels Organics, an Adelaide company. I am thinking Rachael is a member here?? I see she also sells Whole30 style ghee, though I make my own ghee from 180Acres Pastured Organic butter (also sold at my local Supabarn!)

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Woo hoo, my local butcher does sugar free/ gluten free bacon. It has nitrates, but I can live with those for now. For any Canberra area people, Jordos Chop Shop has an online shop with deliveries. Grass fed beef (though he occasionally stocks grain fed, so just double check) and lamb, free range pork, cuts on the bone, beef fat etc.

Thanks [email protected]... I usually drink Madura Earl Grey (with goats milk & honey!) but started drinking more chai, as it went so well with coconut milk. I do have a range of herbal teas, though again, usually I would drink them with honey. I even tried green tea again, though it's a bit soapy for me. This morning I had Honeybush tea, which is not too bad without honey & milk, and I could try it with coconut milk too. I didn't realise just how much I relied on tea before I went paleo and gave up dairy. I mean, I knew I could drink a lot of tea some days, but just the psychological habit I was in with it!

Sorry but the nitrates make it non-compliant - told you it was hard!

There are quite a few compliant coconut milk/cream brands, I just prefer the taste and texture of Ayam. I have it in coffee and curries, and that's basically it for me.

Check out the Mae Ploy curry pastes - some are compliant.

And yes, the panna cotta is dessert so it's out.

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Edit: Hmm, OK, I was sure I had read that nitrates/ nitrites were not a problem on Whole30... as long as the bacon is sugar free, and free range (not intensively/ factory farmed). The bacon I buy is Murray Valley free range, traditionally smoked onsite, cured without sugar (and gluten free too). The Bacon Manifesto seems to say that nitrates/ nitrites are not part of their 'rules'?


I would eat the panna cotta as part of breakfast. Its not something I would normally eat for dessert, just a way to consume coconut milk and gelatine in a convenient breakfast... however, I've not made it without honey, so it may taste fairly awful without it! :)

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AussieMell - I get my Aroy-D compliant curry pastes at an asian grocer. They're funny looking plastic buckets and inside are little bags of paste. Here's a picture of one: Locally, I can get them in Panang (quite hot, some people don't like this one - Pinkish bucket), Red Curry (my favourite - Red bucket), Green Curry (Green bucket), Massaman (my second favourite - blue bucket). The massaman is unusual for not containing any nuts and I like using different nuts or nut pastes to change it up a bit.


Beware Rachelorganics list of paleo stuff, some of that stuff isn't Whole30 compliant :)


I'm pretty sure nitrates/nitrites are allowed on a Whole30 (see Can I Have... threads), but there's lots of other ingredients in bacon which aren't, like corn, maltodextrin, wheat, etc Some butchers don't count things not called sugar as sugar and just don't count the other weirdies at all. I've been told many times that the bacon is "plain, no additives" but when I ask for a list of ingredients, it's got grains, sugar and other weirdies.


It's worth asking for an ingredient list. Pancetta and prosciutto are often easier to get pure, some are nothing but pork and salt :D

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OMFG!!! I've used Coconut Aminos in about 6 meals so far. Didn't think to check the ingredients as its so raved about on here. But after reading the above post I just did and it has coconut syrup in it  :angry: I've used about a tablespoon per 500gms of ground beef.

I'm on Day 29, I would be devastated if I have screwed the whole thing up just from that  :o  :o  :o

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Well, there you go - I was 100% sure that nitrates were out, and have been sadly returning products to the shelves that contain them for over a year!


Chez, accidental sugar consumption doesn't generally call for a restart, and as long as you have the sugar cravings under control, I wouldn't panic about it. Maybe just stop using the coconut aminos now, and reintro sugar last.

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Wow thanks for the tips again guys! Who knew you could buy these things online! Yes, I am waaaay behind the times in terms of my online shopping. But I love going to the ships holding things in my hand reading ingredients etc. This Whole 30 has already opened up a whole new world of food to me. Currently making the Salmon Cakes - they smell awesome! Can't wait for lunch!

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Victorians, I just received my first Seven Creek paleo beef delivery! It looks so good!


What comes in the paleo pack?

 Porterhouse steak (1kg)
 Scotch fillet (500g)
 Eye fillet (250g) 
 Rump steak (600g)
 Round steak (800g)
 Blade steak (750g)
 Beef roast (2kg) - in 1 package
 Premium mince (2.5kg) - in 5 packages
 Sausages (2kg) - salt only - in 4 packages
 Rissoles (500g - veggies and salt only - in 1 package
 Diced beef  (500g) - in 1 package
 Stir fry strips (500g) - in 1 package
 Osso Bucco (650g) - in two packages
 Marrow bones (1kg) - in 1 package
 Soup bones (1kg) - in 1 package
It comes nicely cryovac wrapped in small packages (individual steaks!) and it's fresh not frozen (you can freeze it). You do need to be home for delivery, but it's huge, so you probably won't get them often :)
It's a big pack of meat, if you can't store it all, you'll need to split with someone, only comes in one size: 12.55 kilos (plus two kilos of bones).
Make sure you get the Paleo pack, the other one has non-paleo sausages and rissole ingredients like rice flour and HPV.
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For all of those new to Whole30, beware buying the Niulife brand of coconut aminos, it's loaded with sugar. Quite a lot of us got caught with this one on our first Whole30. I buy Coconut Secret from Prahran Health Foods, but there are some Aussie retailers selling it online.

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@praxisproject cheers for the suggestion to this forum! It's nice to know there are other Aussies out there (not that I was so ignorant to think there wouldnt be!  ;) )


I have access to Coles (average shop TBH but a new one opening in 2015), Woolies (where I do most of our shopping) and Aldi. 


I am fortunate also that my parents have just given us a butchered pasture fed lamb. Delish! 



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Yay for grassfed lamb!


Coles and Woolies often have Melrose virgin coconut oil on special, keep your eyes peeled and stock up when it's on sale :) They have the refined one too, but I find it weird, I can't use it.


Woolies sometimes have the Zucchini Fine Fettle Flats in the Macro section.


My Coles has organic free range eggs (yay!) although one kind comes in an annoying 10-pack (who took my other two eggs???).

My Coles has also started stocking grassfed beef, but it has always had King Island Beef, which is all grassfed.

My Coles sometimes has baby kale, which I love as it's no prep.

My Woolies gets organic chicken too, but someone else likes it and often buys it all before I get there :)

My Woolies often has organic veggies on sale, so I stock up on zucchini and kiwi fruit.


If any of your stores carry Luv-A-Duck fresh duck products, you may get Duck Fat too!


Check your local prosciutto brands, you might find one which is only pork and salt. I've had no luck with compliant bacon :(


Let me know of any good finds at Aldi. I don't get there very often.

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What's people's take on coconut aminos? Is it even worth it? I only use soy sauce on sushi really... I do add it to stir frys sometimes but I can go without. I do love sashimi and not having any soy sauce to dip it in is a tragedy. Do they taste similar?

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Nazza B, I don't know if it is just me, but I didn't think Coconut Aminos were much like soy sauce at all! Still nice, in a sweet, slightly salty, subtle way, but not that hit like you get with soy sauce. I did find them useful when doing my Whole30 though, as something to try and experiment with, when you are feeling a bit deprived! I still use them now, and they are def. great with seafood, also good for a splash on stir fried greens, or in salad dressing. If you can source them, afford them and don't mind buying overseas products, then can't hurt to give it a try!

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