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Day 23. Haven’t noticed any good changes. Bad stomach.

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Hey looking for some serious support here. I’m on day 23 and do not feel any different and really haven’t throughout. Still groggy in AM and afternoons. Not sleeping great. I have RA and some IBS and my knuckles continue to be stiff and swollen and my stomach continues to be bloated, or I have noxious gas or a few bouts of diarrhea. Since a week ago with a bout of D I took out eggs (already off nightshades) and cut back on raw salads and cruciferous veggies as well as all nuts but a few hazelnuts and cashews and cut down to a cup of coffee or no coffee. I haven’t seen anything positive yet and Monday had loose stools again. 

My eating the past week before the bad D (not well organized): Aidells chicken apple sausage, avo, sautéed chard or kale, sweet potato. coffee with MST coco oil; lunches of big salad greens, cuke, oil and vinegar, chicken or tuna or salmon, sweet pot or cauliflower. Monday: pulled pork with slaw and cashew purée in kale leaf. Tues lunch same. Wed had coconut chicken soup with sweet potato and chicken lunch Wednesday night had beef burger and small side salad while out. Thursday AM had bad D and just ate some avo at work and then a roasted acorn squash with ghee for dinner. 

  • then since 6 days ago I cut out ghee and eggs and big salads. Breakfast has been ground turkey, onions with plantains and avo with sautéed chard. Lunch cuke with salmon/ avo or W30 zoodles with sunshine or tahini sauce and chicken. Saturday had lamb burger, green beans with onion and hazelnuts, zucchini. Sunday chuck roast tacos with little bit of slaw, avo, cashew purée in kale. Monday same zoodles. Mon dinner sweet potato avo and tuna. 

So any ideas of what’s going on? Prior to W30 I wasn’t a bad eater, and I do need to eat big meals and occasional snacks to keep up with activities and a fast metabolism. 

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It doesn't look like it's a recurring thing in your diet, but onions are a pretty common cause of gas and/or diarrhea, so that might be something to play with. 

You might need to cut out, rather than cut back, on salads/raw vege/nuts.

And if you're exercising (I assume that's what you mean by activities?) you might need to eat a pre- and/or post-workout snack on top of your meals to keep your energy up. 

Keep with it! With your pre-exisiting problems it might just take a little longer, and if you're not feeling any worse than before, it might be worth sticking it out for a bit longer? 

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