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Day 22 - Hoping for Results in Final Week

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Hi, I'm on Day 22 and am hoping for some advice to make the most of my last week.  I am doing the whole 30 mostly to help with some IBS-C type symptoms that I've had for the past few months (so not super chronic).  I feel like I've lost weight and look leaner, but I haven't had any changes in digestion, energy, or sleep.

Here are a couple of sample days from this week.  I think I've been low on fat so I'm trying to increase that.  What else do I need to do to make sure I finish strong?  I'm hoping to see results this week so that I can do the reintroduction and not need to continue into a whole 30 +.

Breakfast: Maybe 1.5x the size of my hand (exact I know!) of egg casserole (eggs + bacon + sweet potato + brussel sprouts + avacado)

Lunch: chicken, broccoli, zucchini, squash, coconut aminos. Cauliflower + guac.

Dinner: Bacon wrapped pork (maybe 1.5 palms), veggies in ghee (enough to fill the plate) and/or a sweet potato with ghee and cinnamon.  

Breakfast: Egg casserole from above

Lunch: 1/2 lb ground beef with taco seasoning, lettuce, tomato, avacado // another example is shrimp, zucchini, squash in ghee + baked potato

Dinner: 1/4 lb burger, smashed potato with olive oil and spices, tomato, avacado, compliant mayo

I'm getting my fat from cooking in coconut oil (I know that doesn't count), added olive oil, ghee, and avacado.  I'm trying to stay away from nuts this week given my digestion issues, and I don't like olives.  As you can see, I like to keep things as basic as possible. :)  My digestive issues were a bit better weeks 1 and 2 but the only difference I can see is that I was eating more potatoes.

Thanks you in advance for your input!

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Hi - I’m following up on the post above hoping for some input. I’m on day 26 with no change from the post above. Am I doing something wrong? I’m not sure if I should continue or plan to do the reintroduction.

Thank you!

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I’m not sure what’s wrong- but you should definitely continue! I’ve tried to do the whole 30 about 20 times and never get farther than day 19. Right now I’m doing a whole46 because people preparing food don’t understand this program. Keep going!!!! Maybe reintruction will reveal something to you?

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