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Hi everyone!  I did my first Whole30 this year, Feb and am currently R2D6.  I mostly stayed on program in-between and now that I have (some still in progress) read the books and re read some, I am excited to work the Food Freedom post 30 days!  I am considering becoming a coach b/c I simply LOVE everything about this program and what it has done for my health and wellness. I own a yoga studio in Louisiana and already have requests to host a studio wide Whole30.

I have a lot of weight to lose but am committed to trusting the process and focusing on health benefits and NSV's!  I am excited to explore this forum and connect with this community!



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wow, same here, but more newbie, than you :D Good for you! 

I finally find something, I can fully commit to. I am searching for people to help whole30 with, but most of the people say its too hard. But I can already feel the benefits, and I like them very much!

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