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Marsusher R1 Log


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Today was R1D1. I did a lot of food prep yesterday and this morning, so I'm feeling prepared for this week. I had planned to start on the 29th, because my son's first birthday is on the 25th, but I couldn't deny I was ready to jump in. I even avoided wedding cake and cheese and crackers at a wedding last night, and I passed up getting a fast food late night snack after.

Today I ate:

M1: 3 sunny side up eggs & a cup or more of sautéed onion, zucchini, and yellow squash (all cooked in ghee). I couldn't finish one of the eggs and a small portion of the veggies. Usually I'd just toss; today I saved them in case I was still hungry before lunch. 

"Snack": Ate my leftovers from M1 and tossed in some leftover brussels sprouts from Friday (compliant) and some gravy from the Nom Nom Paleo Instant Pot chicken and gravy I made this morning.

M2: Chicken salad (white meat, homemade mayo, a handful of red grapes, some red onion, and an avocado) on a big bowl of mixed greens with Tessemae's Lemon Garlic dressing. This was a hit and will definitely be on repeat during this coming month!

M3: Leftover chicken and gravy with roasted cauliflower and broccoli

I'll probably have a mug of Nighty Night tea tonight to wind down before bed. 


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R1D2 (yesterday):

M1: 2 fried eggs, shredded chicken, guac, and salsa over a bed of arugula (couldn't finish it; I'm already sick of eggs!).

M2: chicken salad )white meat, homemade mayo, a handful of red grapes, some red onion, and an avocado) over mixed greens; raw green beans dipped in mayo

"Snack": remaining raw green beans dipped in mayo

M3: steak with side of sautéed leftover roasted onion, zuchinni, and yellow squash (I had planned to make NNP Kalua Pig but I didn't plan for the long cooking time well. I'm pretty proud that I adapted and had other options in the fridge!).

Reflections: I went ahead an prepped the Kalua Pig thinking I'd have it today (D3), but when I took it out of the Instant Pot, it looked reaaaallly unappetizing. Maybe it was too cooked? It was really jiggly and fatty looking. I'm going to set aside a little to use in a "Pork Fried Caulirice) recipe and hope it crisps up in the cast iron skillet. The rest my husband said he'll eat. Bummed because this is such a highly regarded recipe, but it just didn't work for me. Even more glad now that I prepped and bought backup proteins...I'm not a great cook, so I knew I'd mess up something sooner rather than later. Oh---had my first "nightmare" in which I dove head-first into an entire cake! I don't even particularly LIKE cake!

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