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"The road to hell is paved with good intentions."

After spending two days shopping, cooking fix-ahead meals, making mayo, roasting veggies, etc. I thought I was on top of the world. Day One went fine. I could have had more water, and I didn't have enough veggies at lunch, but it was pretty uneventful, except for the fact that I was really cranky by 9 pm.

All that was left was my 8 hours of sleep in a dark room, with no night light, or the TV on all night.

And that never happened.

My oldest dog, who is a hospice foster, doesn't see well in full light, and worse in the dark. She developed diarrhea about 2 am, which was bad enough on my bedroom carpet, but she stumbled into my chow mix, who reacted by attacking her. I'm sure it was an instinctive reaction to being jolted awake by what she thought was a threat. By the time I turned the light on and got to the foot of the bed, they were separated, and this poor, frail old lady was bleeding from her muzzle and inside her mouth.

So I spent a bunch of time tending to the injured dog and trying to clean up my carpet. Half an hour later, I was back in bed. I locked the other dogs out of the bedroom, so I could keep Lucy with me (she's also senile and tends to wander and I didn't want her wandering into Brandy again).

4 am, I am awakened again by Lucy panting and an awful smell. She'd had another bout of diarrhea, completely across the room, and then walked in it and tracked it to all the areas that hadn't gotten the initial hit.

Up again, doing the best I could to clean it up in the middle of the night...

Needless to say, I was rather exhausted when the alarm went off at 6. Let's hope today goes a little smoother.

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This being my third Whole?? I pretty much have the eating part down. I can see that the sleep part (which I haven't made a priority in the past) is going to be the issue this time around.

The dog seems to be over her digestive problem, thank goodness! But I got up three times during the night to pee. And this morning the fog was like pea soup. We haven't had a bad fog like that in years, so one of my other dogs decided those blowing blobs were intruders and needed to be barked at regularly. One of these nights I'll get a chunk of decent, restorative sleep... Grrrr.

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Sounds like you are doing everything right to try to have a great night of sleep, and ..... This may sound weird but I am thankful for folks who do wake up in the night to tend to the needs of others. Nothing is worse than being alone when things are going badly.

So, I hope for you - someone to be there if you ever need help in the night - and consider it a gift. You are obviously a kind person.

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Decent sleep the last two nights. Not quite enough, but getting there. I need to get my evening routine under better control so I can get to bed earlier. Part of that is planning in the morning what to make for dinner. I have plenty of compliant food on hand, but I can waste an hour or more browsing recipes when I get home before I decide what's for dinner. So by the time it's actually done, it's way past normal dinner time.

Woke up this morning to a huge disaster. There wasn't a back-up can of coffee in the pantry. It was rough waiting until I got the dogs squared away and could hit Walmart (the only thing open before 7am). I was so cranky and groggy. Have been getting hungry long before lunch, so upped my first meal. Had a 'trucker's special' this morning--steak and eggs and pan-fried turnip, green pepper, and onion. No, they aren't SWYPO home fries. I've been using purple-topped turnips for years in recipes that usually call for potatoes. Love this veg!

Belly full, caffeine kicking in, feeling human again.

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I guess I'll have to be better about posting updates. With all the traffic on this forum, I have trouble finding my log. Page 4?!

Rant: Parents who insist their children finish everything on their plate should be charged with child abuse. I grew up in such a home and it has caused me trouble ever since. I'm trying to be more aware of 'mindful eating' and I'm realizing that what I eat doesn't always have much to do with feeling satisfied. Several meals so far, I have been satisfied long before I put the fork down. Why? Because it is so ingrained in my psyche to finish every morsel--even if it takes you past 'sated' into 'stuffed'. It might be by only a few bites, but I cannot bring myself to 'waste' those last few bites.

I'm sure I'm not alone in this, and I wonder how many people are hard-wired to overeat because of this parental rule?

So, in addition to working on getting more and better sleep (which is getting better, if only I could stop getting up to pee so often), I will work on stopping as soon as I feel satisfied. Often the amount left isn't really worth saving, it is just a bite or two (which makes it so much easier to justify finishing it). So I will work on feeling satisfied and immediately scraping my plate into the trash can. If I let it sit there, I will "find room" for it.

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I started my first ever batch of sauerkraut last night. So easy. Now just wait a week or two. I have several pork roasts in the freezer that I'm dying to cook, but I'm waiting for my kraut.

Day 8! That first week just flew past. Having done 2 W30s before, and eating mostly paleo, except for a few ventures off the rails, I'm finding it very easy to eat on plan. I have lots of favorite recipes to trot out, which makes prep much easier, but there are still a whole lot of recipes I want to try. I love to cook, it is therapy to me.

I love red wine. The last 2 times I did this, I really missed it. I am in the habit of having a glass with dinner, sometimes one while cooking, and if it was a hard day I've been known to pop the cork as soon as I get in the door. It just occurred to me that I haven't even thought about wine yet. Not in the entire 8 days. And even though I just did think of it, I really have no desire for it.

I haven't been hungry the last 2 mornings. Had late breakfasts both days that I had to force myself to eat.

Slept much better last night. Got a solid 5.5 hours before my bladder woke me. Had no trouble getting back to sleep. So why did I get hit with a wave of exhaustion this evening before I left work? And why won't it go away? I have to make green curry or I won't have anything for dinner tonight or lunch tomorrow. I ate well today, so that can't be it.

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Let me know how the kraut goes. I have my first batch of dill pickles going.

I find the fermented foods make a real positive difference with my digestion.

I will definitely post updates. I've never made pickles. When I was a kid, there was a Jewish deli in my neighborhood that made wonderful kosher dill and cucumber pickles. The stuff in the jars doesn't come close. Let me know how they turn out. I might have to try and recreate my youth.

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Well, the wave of exhaustion at work yesterday was the precursor to something worse. I woke up at 4am feeling like my head was in a vise, my nose was stuffy, my lungs were full and my stomach was upset. Spent quite a while retching out my poor empty stomach. So ill I couldn't have bone broth--just taking the lid off the jar made me retch again.

Fortunately, my employee was happy for some extra hours. I lay in a stupor for hours before I could get some broth down. Finally had a couple of scrambled eggs around 2, threw together the green curry I had planned to make the night before, and made it in to work around 4:30 to relieve poor Jen.

Feeling a bit better overall. Stomach has subsided, headache mostly gone, just thoroughly exhausted. But I stayed compliant, no matter how bad I felt. It would have been so easy to slip today.

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Feeling a bit better, but still weak and tired. It mostly feels like a head cold now. Yesterday I had a big pallet of supplies delivered to the store. They are always too wide for the front door (no back door), so I have to unpack them out front. I managed to drag all the boxes of cages and 50# bags of seed in and mostly get them put away, and that was all the energy I had for the day. Spent the rest of my time sitting behind the counter.

Made an awesomely easy and delicious dish for dinner last night. Cinnamon Crusted Pork Chops with Apples and Sage.


It intrigued me because you usually think of pairing the cinnamon with the apples, and sage with the pork. This is just the opposite. I used Granny Smith apples and they were perfectly tart and tangy. It could also be made with a sweeter apple, especially if serving to company. I've become very sensitive to 'sweet' on this program, but regular people might find the Grannys too sour.

Reflection: My first Whole30, last May/June, I was focused on 'not' eating the things I wasn't allowed. There were so many items from the normal American diet that weren't allowed, that I became obsessed with searching out hidden sugar and soy, and much of those 30 days were spent focused on negative aspects of the Whole30.

And consequently, I saw it as a deprivation diet of things I wasn't allowed to have. I couldn't wait for it to be over. I couldn't wait to have a glass of wine or a slice of pizza. I barely made it to Day 30.

But I did feel and look better when it was over. I had lost weight and gained energy. But I slowly slid back into my old habits, and felt the need to do it again in late August when all my previous complaints started to reappear.

My second Whole30 was totally different. Instead of eating my regular American diet and just omitting the things I could not have (which led to very limited options and taste experiences) I started branching out into new foods and new cuisines. As I love to cook, and most of what I did cook was not compliant, I vastly expanded my culinary horizons and it became an adventure and not a chore. I learned that I can make a green curry at home for pennies with lots left for future meals, and it tastes every bit as good as the take-out version from my favorite Thai restaurant at $15 for one portion. And I know exactly what goes into it.

I did well after that, until the holidays. Most friends and family don't understand the paleo concept, and even the well-meaning ones didn't get it right. "I knew you were trying to cut grains, so I thickened the gravy with cornstarch instead of flour, just for you." How do you NOT eat it after that? Or the hurt feelings you cause by refusing to even 'taste' the whatever is being shoved in your mouth by the proud maker? At some point it is just easier to have a bite and keep the peace.

But I'm a pretty all-or-nothing person. So a small cheat leads to a bigger cheat, leads to the wheels coming off, which brought me back to a Whole100 this time. With all the sugar, flour, and sweet alcoholic drinks I'd had over the holidays, I expected getting back on track to be pretty difficult, but instead it was like coming home!

I am loving it this time around! I am eating some of the most delicious meals I've ever had in my life, and doing it day in and day out. Who knew that such healthy food could be a gourmet experience at almost every meal? Who knew I could make something as simple and easy and delicious and nutritious as the pork chops I made last night in the time it would have taken me to boil a pot of pasta water? My friends look at me with pity for all the things I 'can't have'. I look at them with pity for thinking a 1/3 lb. cheeseburger and fries is a culinary extravagance.

I've always questioned the people who have to put pictures of their dinner plates on facebook every night. But I'm toying with becoming one of them. I want the people feeling sorry for me in my self-imposed 'deprivation' to see what this way of eating really means. I want them to start asking questions. I know, I'm not an evangelist, but if more people understood what the typical diet is doing to them, and how easy and delicious it is to change that, we'd be a healthier, happier culture. Okay, I'm rambling, and I really need to get to work.

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I love the enthusiasm in this post! Your focus on the positive this time around and feeling like you are "home" is fantastic. The happier and the healthier you continue to become the more your friends and family will be convinced.

Keep up the good work.

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I haven't logged in several days. I've been checking in on the group thread "100 Days of Awesome" because logging over there feels like having a conversation with friends. Over here, it's like talking to myself. And I usually tell them anything important, so I feel like I'm repeating myself here.

This being my third Whole??, I have the food thing down. Eating is pretty automatic. My kitchen is fully compliant, I couldn't eat off plan unless I deliberately went out and bought something on purpose.

Still not getting enough sleep, although the quality is better. I have to stop playing in the kitchen in the evenings. I decide to do prep, or try a new recipe, etc. and then I'm up too late and eating too late. Organization, organization...

Still not hungry in the morning, but if I force myself to eat breakfast within an hour of rising I'm starving all day. If I delay breakfast several hours, I'm fine. No hunger all day. Go figure.

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