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It's taken til Day13 to introduce myself! Thank goodness I'm better organised with my meal planning :-)


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Kia ora koutou (Hello everyone)

I'm Jane from New Zealand, and I started my 1st Whole 30 on May 15th.

Because I love to research I was super prepared with meal options and plans and 'spare' food in case I'd undercatered.  I knew I would have less energy to start, so haven't been hard on myself with less exercise.  Mood hasn't been too bad either, thank goodness.  But I have had a tough time with headaches.  That is part of why it's taken til now to introduce myself here.  First off they arrived late evening, and really disturbed my sleep.  Then they were waking me up in the early hours of the morning.  I am now at the point where they seem to kick in when I am doing my workout first thing.  Just wondering if anyone has had this experience and can offer some ideas I can try (other than medicines) to manage this.  My energy is back now (& I am getting around 8hrs sleep again), so I want to get back into my running and workouts 100%.

Nga mihi nui (big thanks!)

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