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Starting May 29


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Hello! I am Lisa and I am starting the Whole30 tomorrow. I need to adjust a couple of things due to some health-related things, so I will be focused on eating meat, fowl, eggs, veggies and fats. I get fearful that I won't see it through, so I have to remember to take it one meal at a time, one day at a time. Also to use that tough love on myself: "you CAN and WILL do this!"

Any tips????

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Hey, I'm also starting today!! A little apprehensive as it was a fairly last minute decision, but I know I need to put some structure around my health goals and now seems like an appropriate time. 

I completed a Whole30 back in 2013ish but it if I'm completely honest, it was really a response to jumping on the "healthy eating" bandwagon and I didn't have particular goals in mind. I treated it like a fad, and immediately reverted back to old foods afterwards. 

Since then, I've been on a journey (on my own as well as with functional nutritionists) learning about foods as well as my attitudes and behaviours towards them. I've done elimination diets and saw some massive improvements (I have issues with my skin), but have found it hard to stick to in the long run (a big part of this because I was coming at this from the perspective of "I'm missing this" or "I can't have that" which wasn't helpful. This time I really want to focus on the positive, nourishing foods I'm putting into my system, knowing I am doing this to take care of myself. 

I've also spent some time letting go of some really restrictive thinking ie "x-food is bad, y-food is good" and it's so much more important to treat myself kindly during this process. Not get into dogmatic, rigid or fixed thinking and treat the experience as an experiment to see how it has an impact on my overall health and specific goals. 

To me, getting in tune with my intuition around foods is key but I also have some specific intentions for taking on the Whole30: Reduce bloating & weight gain, reduce inflammation, help heal skin issues, reduce / remove dependence on sugary foods, and get to the point of methodological re-introduction so I can see where the underlying issues lie.  

Writing this post is one way I'm holding myself accountable! 

So far today, so good... for me, it's about taking it one day at a time (also need to get planning! This is definitely key!) 

Good luck to you all :)



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