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Too much of a good thing?

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Not sure if this is a dumb question.. but I'm on Day6 and I'm pretty sure I've had the same dinner since I started. But not complaining b/c I love it! Breakfasts remain similar with a little variation but lunch is always different- and for dinner each night I've been having the following: Baked chicken thigh w/ half avo (or i make a little homemade guac) w/ a sweet potato or veggie. Or sometimes both. I was planning on making a soup for the rest of the week but to be completely honest I'd rather eat my chicken! Is this okay? Can there be too much of a good thing? I do have other recipes planned for if/when I do get tired of this.

Example of my breakfasts/lunches:

Break: 2-3 eggs w/ chicken sausage usually.. some type of fruit.. tomorrow I'm going to try sweet potato toast w/ avocado + lox

Lunch: Either tuna/avocado boats w/ veggies.. or some type of salad w/ protein + balsamic dressing (salads vary)

Pre workout or post workout snacks include: Hard boiled egg.. olives.. half a chicken thigh.. etc

And then dinner is what I wrote before! I've had a couple low energy days but besides that I'm feeling great and can already see my digestion and stomach issues improving.


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I'd toss a little beef in there at some point, but you've got chicken, tuna, and eggs throughout the day so I don't see any concern with variety.

See my "monomeal" thread linked in my signature below :)

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