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I was having technical difficulties but I finally got my account sorted out.


I'm on DAY 23 of the whole30.  So far so good.  Been doing it with my husband and we have been on plan strictly with no hiccups.  But I have to say I still get hungry after a meal.  Could be my body is still adjusting to the good food I am ingesting but, does that ever go away?  I mostly drink water and wait for the next time I can eat.  I am not weak or flush or anything, and I can totally go about my business. it's just a low grade huger.  Is more mental than anything else?




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It's hard to say without knowing what you've been eating but at this stage, if you're hungry after meals then you're probably not eating enough overall.

Feel free to give us some details if you like and we can see if anything stands out.

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