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1st Round - Lost 8lbs! So Happy!


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Hi Everyone,

I lurked this forum for the past couple of months as I planned for and completed my first ever Whole30!  I am so pleased with my results. 

I lost a total of 8 lbs in combination with running 2x per week, hot yoga 1x per week, and hiking 1x per week.  I feel a lot lighter and happier and a lot more in control of my food choices and my life in general.  It was such a wonderful reset and reminder that I DO have willpower and I CAN make lasting changes in my life.

My biggest NSVs were dropping my resting heart rate from 73 to 56, and completely reversing my GERD (chronic acid reflux and heartburn).

I decided as a part of my new liberation to make a video about my results with pics of what I ate/before and after and all that good stuff if you are interested in my full success story.  I think I represent a lot of regular working women just struggling to do the right thing and find balance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPwvVxHagDM 

Good luck to everyone lurking this and looking to make a change.  You CAN do it!


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Congrats to you!  

in the past I have dealt with the GERD and can identify with you on that aspect.  Not having to expect it anymore is a definite positive my W30 plan as well.

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