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Hi there,

Not sure if I'm adding too much fat in my diet? I'm on Day8 and feeling great in terms of my digestion and stomach issues that were previously a big issue. Here's a sample day:

Breakfast: 2 eggs with spinach + veggies, half avo, and/or chicken sausage ... or sweet potato toast w/ mashed avocado + lox, coconut + clementine (I know avocado + coconut are very high in fat)

Lunch: Some type of big salad- protein (chicken or shrimp), dates, apple, w/ side of olives. Homemade balsamic dressing (w/ olive oil- high in fat, as well as the olives)

Dinner: Baked chicken thigh w/ homemade guacamole (again too much fat with the avocado??) and usually some type of veggie

Pre/post workout = Chomp stick or hard boiled egg or olives.



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If you're feeling great and your digestion is great and you don't appear to need any snacks between meals, why are you concerned about fat? It looks fine to me and remember that everyone is different so what might be too much or too little for someone else is perfect for you. Go by how you feel during and between meals, your energy, mood etc. As far as I can see it looks alright.

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In my lunch, I technically have three sources of fat actually (half and avocado, 2tbsp of EVOO/vinegar/mustard dressing, and 2tbsp of sunflower or pumpkin seeds). It always tastes awesome and keeps me full until dinner. I think you'd only want to worry about too much fat if you're eating way too much nuts/nut butter or coconut manna. Eating it directly out of the jar spoonful after spoonful is a food with no brakes issue, but otherwise I wouldn't worry too much about fat.

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