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Too much Vitamin A? -using MFP

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Serious question, can you get too much of a Vitamin?

I was a religious MyfitnessPal user before Whole30, and since then I've ditched the app (yay for feeling so free!) I've been curious if i'm eating enough so today I plugged in my food just out of curiosity. Believe it or not, with all the huge portions I've been eating- I was still under 1,500 calories. Which is around what I should be eating for my height/weight. That was actually reassuring and made me grateful for the structure of whole30- being able to fill up your plate without weighing/measuring and eating bigger portions of real food. 

But anyway, back to the Vitamins. I noticed I consumed a lot of Vitamin A today. It's probably similar as most days, seeming as I almost always consume a sweet potato, avocado, lots of spinach, brussels sprouts, etc, in one day.

Can this be problematic? I tried googling it and read about the UL but I'm a little confused as to how much Vitamin A myfitnesspal considers "100%" Not sure if anyone knows? Here's a picture.



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In general, it is possible but unlikely to get too much of any vitamin from food, most of the time when people have consumed problematic amounts of a vitamin, it's because they've taken supplements or eaten things that are just not the norm for most people.

It's worth noting that what MFP is measuring should be the same stuff that's on a nutrition info label, which for Vitamin A is a minimum you need to consume, according to government standards -- you can read more about this here:   https://www.fda.gov/Food/LabelingNutrition/ucm274593.htm


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