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Day 8 and just realized i've been taking my Caltrate and Probiotics without checking ingredients ):

Probiotic looks fine- it specifically says no dairy, soy, artificial flavors/sweeteners.. etc but it's the Caltrate i'm worried about. I attached pics of ingredients. 

Bloodwork showed my Vitamin D levels were low so doctor had recommended Vitamin D supplement which is why i take it. Probiotics are for my digestion/gas issues and ingredients look to be compliant? 

Do i really need to restart ):





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The only thing I see off plan is the maltodextrin in the first one. I'd go and see if you can find a D supplement that is compliant. Otherwise no, it won't mess you up that much and this is leaning a bit towards doctor's orders. There are Vitamin D supps that are compliant though, you just have to look.

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