Weight gain in week 3

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Hi, I’m on day 26 of my first Whole30. The first two weeks felt great, and I was seeing many positive results: I felt (and looked) leaner, clothes fit better, I was sleeping like a rock star (still am). But, since about day 20, I’ve been bloated and feel like I’m gaining weight. I’ve reduced FODMAP foods in my diet, which helps the bloat, but I can’t help but wonder: Am I eating too much fat for me? I’m small (5’2”, 120-ish pounds) and a serving of fat at every meal feels like a lot. I’m following the meal template closely, drinking water, exercising. Any ideas? Thanks!

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Hey @Jdbe, sorry that nobody was able to respond to your post sooner. After browsing the troubleshooting forum, I noticed that a lot of people who experience bloating found FODMAPs to the be culprit. For those, my understanding is that you have to cut them out completely to really see a difference. Check out this thread: 

She posts an update further down and says she is feeling completely better, lost weight, and no longer has the bloat.

As far as fat, I would be surprised if you're eating too much of it if you're limiting it to meals. Eating a lot of nuts between meals can be a problem, but the servings in the meal template represent a minimum amount for daily consumption. Fat helps keep you full between meals and plays an important biological role in cell function. If you're sticking to the meal template, I wouldn't worry about the fat too much.

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