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Stomach trouble with non gluten and gluten containing grains

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Hello, this is my first post but I’ve been reading this forum often while completing my first whole30.  I’m currently on day ‘42’ as at times I left additional days between my reintroductions.  I had immense success with the program, mostly in ways I didn’t expect.  

I could get into all the little nuances of how my relationship with food and my body has changed, and would gladly share them with everyone, but for the sake of this post, the most important thing that happened is that I started to experience hunger in a very different way.

My reintroduction with legumes went very well.  Peanut butter with a otherwise compliant breakfast, hummus with lunch and tofu replacing the meat in dinner.  I felt almost exactly the same as I did during whole30. 

Non gluten grains however did not go the same way.  I had a bowl of gluten free oatmeal with (likely too much) fruit and almond butter, and two hard boiled eggs. (I now realize this is a little carb heavy especially for the morning- would have chosen something different next time)

 The whole morning my stomach felt awful, and I really don’t know how to describe it.  Kind of acidic maybe? Hungry? Burning? I know I have felt it before but had never associated it with something I had ate.  Dairy introductions were okay, a little bloating but figure it could have been from too much salt (will try again another day) but then the reintrodution of gluten grains went the same way as non gluten grains and (not surprisingly), the stomach feeling is back.  I know how to deal with this during my food freedom (expect this and decide wether it’s worth it or not on a case by case basis) but just wondering if anyone can explain what is happening in my stomach after eating grains, and if it is from grains or from simply too many carbs. 

Thanks so much!

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Did you know that standard oats are often not considered gluten free? I think it's something in the processing of them. So unless you specifically had gluten free oats, it might be the gluten that was the issue, not that oat itself. 

As an aside, I'm super jealous of your hummus reintro - it is now fully off the table for me after a couple of tries with it that resulted in the worst smelling gas you've ever encountered!

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