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Hi everyone!

Im on day 3 of my Whole30 and just curious, what’s your typical budget for a week of groceries during Whole30? I definitely feel like I’m going spending more than normal, but just curious on how much you all spend and if you have any tips for doing it on a budget? I don’t want to break the bank, but I know that this will be (and has been) more expensive. Typically I wouldn’t buy Lara bars, or some more expensive ingredients that I have been getting. Let me know your thoughts!! I made ratatouille tonight with turkey sausage, and meatballs over spaghetti squash (delish!) it was under 20 dollars I would say for everything, and I made a large pot which will last me. 



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This has been discussed before on the forum, if you google Whole30 forum budget, you'll find those past discussions. Here's one from a few years ago: 

You don't have to buy Lara bars -- you'd be better off not buying them, really. You don't necessarily have to buy some of the expensive ingredients you'll see out there either. You could do a Whole30 buying frozen or fresh seasonal produce, fresh or frozen meat, eggs, an oil or two (probably an EVOO for salad dressing and some cooking, and maybe some light-tasting olive oil for making your own mayo, and some coconut oil or ghee for higher temperature cooking than the EVOO would stand up to), a few canned goods like tomato sauce/paste and olives, and some basic herbs and spices. In most of the US, we're fortunate that there are now a lot of Whole30-compliant premade sauces and salad dressings available, but often those are more expensive than just making your own, so really consider whether it's worth it before you buy those items. Maybe it is worth it to you, and that's fine, but it's something you ought to at least think about.

Also remember that if this is very different from how you were eating before, you've probably spent a lot on things like oils and spices that you will use several weeks before you have to buy them again. Those things can make the first couple of shopping trips on Whole30 really expensive, but when you break down the price over several weeks that you'll use them, it's not as bad. 

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