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Hormonal acne.. or any acne, really

Natalie Suzanne

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Hi ladies! 

I wanted to see if any of you have had any success with your skin from the Whole30. My skin is my largest motivation of anything I’ve done.. Whole30, master cleanse, parasite cleanses, etc. 

Here’s a little background:

Growing up, I had pretty clear skin. Maybe I would get a zit here or there, but nothing too crazy. I never really understood what it meant to have bad skin. Fast forward to my early 20’s, 6 months after I got married and my skin broke out disgustingly. All over my cheeks and not pretty. 3.5 years later it has improved but it’s not something I can seem to fully get rid of and my skin is starting to scar which makes me sad. I’ve been to so many estethicians, dermatologists and a natural doctor. The dermatologist told be I could either get on birth control (no guarantee of it helping) or try a blood pressure medicine that id pretty much be on forever that produces good skin. No thank you. I try to keep things natural but I’ve done Whole30 (didn’t help the first time), other cleanses, and all different products and nothing has helped. Right now the acne is mostly on my lower cheeks/jawline. I do think my thyroid may be low but the location seems hormonal.. and normally I don’t eliminate everyday (a few days can go by sometimes) so maybe that affects it. 

So anyways, just wanted to hear your success stories with acne if possible! I know the first time didn’t work for me, but I’m hopeful this time because I’m excercising and taking a couple of skin supplements from HUM nutrition. Thanks for your replies girls!! Happy whole30’ing!



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Hi Natalie,

I started my first whole30 in January for the same reasons - I wanted to clear up my skin. And I had great results. I'm currently on my second round of W30 (day 10) because after reintroduction phase (and vacation, weekends with friends etc) I became a bit lazy and did eat a lot of junk food, wine & sweets.

I've struggled with acne in my teenage years until I got on birth control but in my mid/late-twenties I didn't want to keep taking hormones and got off the pill. I've had problems with hormonal acne ever since (usually bad break-outs around ovulation and right before my period). I assume that dairy is the culprit but have to check with a longer reintroduction phase this time.

Since I know that whole30 leads to great results for me it's easier keeping up my motivation this time around! I hope you'll have great results, too! 


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