Am I getting enough protein?


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Hi all - I'm doing another W30 round, and in the past, I have really tried to stay as close as possible to the recommended meal template. This time, I'm living with a vegetarian (who does eat eggs and occasional fish, but is also somewhat picky).

My breakfast and lunch include a palm-size portion of animal protein or 3-4 eggs, but my dinners are coming up short. I really don't want to cook multiple meals, so I've been making compliant vegetarian dinners (lots of veggies, and moderate fat sources), but this means it is a little low on protein. I am not using any soy, legumes, or dairy because I am doing a proper W30 round, and not the vegan/vegetarian reset. We eat fish once a week, and I'll sometimes incorporate some leftover grilled chicken on the side, but I'm probably eating 4-5 meatless/eggless dinners a week. We have occasional nuts at dinner (e.g., in a homemade, compliant pesto or slivered almonds on sautéed green beans).

How much of a problem is this? If I eat a little more protein at my other two meals, does it sort of even out throughout the day, or is it necessary to eat meat at all three meals? Thanks!

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You need the protein in all 3 meals. 

I don't really see how making a compliant vegetarian meal for you and the vegetarian, while simultaneously cooking a chicken breast or a couple sausages would be cooking multiple meals? Like, if you're making zoodles with tomato sauce for dinner, cook up a small pan of ground meat to make it into meat sauce for you. Or, assuming you're doing some meal prep, cook extra so there's plenty of protein already cooked that you can just add onto your plate. 

The protein's as important as the veggies and fats. Don't skip it. 

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