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Old hat due a reboot - June 4 start!


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Hi gang!

I'm excited and a little nervous to be back here again after quite a long time away!  I've been around the Whole30 block a few times but not recently (are there any old Dirty30-ers around the forum anymore?), and old habits have crept on back.  I'm due and overdue a reset, and I'm looking forward to new lessons and habits and recipes - I've learned something new with every W30, it seems.  This time around, I'm hoping to really nail the pre- and post-workout meals since I never got that dialed in.  And I'm always game for new recipes.  And I'm eager to get back to that blissful, deep, Whole30 SLEEP!!

Starting today with my old familiar "meal one" after a big cookup last night.  Breakfast:  an Aidell's chicken apple sausage (compliant and delicious), roasted Brussels sprouts, mashed white sweet potato with ghee, and avocado.  This meal will fuel me for 5-6 hours and is my favorite meal of the day. Oh, and black coffee.  Never have quite gotten used to that...

I broke my ankle earlier this spring while training for a marathon (stupid pothole) and am now easing back into running after putting on a few pounds after a more sedentary life this spring than what I've been used to.  I'm mentally preparing myself for a sluggish couple of weeks - then ENERGY.

Day 1, here we go!  I hope some peeps out there in the W30 universe will join me for the ride.  Company and support makes so much difference!


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