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Psoriatic Arthritis and whole 30 + AIP

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My husband has severe Psoraitic Arthritis (full systemic - psorasis on the whole body, joint inflammation in both feet, knees, wrist).  Was on two biologics until he developed cancer from one of the meds. His cancer is in remission. We would like to find a natural way to address his auto-immune.   Lots of people and testimonies told him that Whole 30 would help address auto-immune issues.  We are on day 24.  Been doing whole 30 religously PLUS added the AIP (cut out eggs, nightshades, nuts, spices, rice).  

He is discouraged becuase he hasn't seen much or any results to his skin, inflammation, etc.  Wondering if it just isn't working for him?

Would love to hear from people who have significant auto-immune suffering and what our expectations should be. Does it sometimes not address these issues? And if not, why not?


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