Starting Whole30 June 11

Rob San Ramon

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The best way to handle these is to make sure you are eating enough at your meal times. And above all, do NOT use fruits, dried fruits, nuts or things like larabars as stand-ins for your normal sweets.

Eat plenty of protein, fat and veggies, limit your fruit to WITH meals only and 0-2 servings per day and then get out your distraction techniques!

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Hi WholeCassandra,

I'm doing ok.  While I wasn't a terrible eater pre-Whole30, I pretty much had sugar with or after ever meal, so am most worried about that.  So far, it's been ok because I've put blueberries in my salad and had pear slices (not too many) as a snack.  I'm fortunate to be going through this with my wife and that our daughter has done it several times, so we have some great tips/tricks.

How are you doing? 

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On day 25 now. Really liking most aspects of the program.

One thing that has me concerned is I lost quite a bit of muscle mass/strength in the first 2 weeks and am struggling to get it back. I run Half-marathons and am struggling to even finish 3 miles now. And when I do run, my times are very slow because my leg strength just isn’t there. My legs are noticeably weaker and smaller. 

Any suggestions about building back up the muscle?  Thanks!

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You really shouldn't be losing muscle if you're eating protein as recommended in the meal plan, so do double check you're getting at least a palm-sized serving at each meal, plus about half that much post-workout, and possibly some pre-workout.

It is absolutely normal for workouts to suffer the first couple of weeks, though, especially if whole30 is a big change from how you ate before. While whole30 isn't truly a low carb or ketogenic diet (unless people purposely use it that way), it is lower carb than most people are used to eating, whether they were eating bagels and burgers, or whole grains like quinoa and oatmeal. During the first couple of weeks, your body is adjusting to not having those easily processed carbs to get energy from and it's learning to use fat for energy more efficiently, and during that time, your workouts will feel much harder, but once you get through it, most people find their workouts are at least as good if not better than ever before.

I know this has been discussed before, you might find it helpful to browse through the Whole30 for athletes section of the forum:

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