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Troubleshooting Feelings of Pain

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I've recently started Whole30, having completed a week last month (then unfortunately resetting) before beginning again just a couple of days ago. I undertook Whole30 for constant indigestion/heartburn issues I've had for years, and I am also a long-term chronic pain sufferer. 

Both times, beginning day three, I started experiencing more intense lumbar pain/cramping. For years prior, of course, I've experienced flare-ups, but both instances on Whole30 have felt different, with the first time becoming mostly all-over pain and far worse than my regular flare-ups. Outside of these instances, I have not experienced my regular aches and pains on the Whole30.

Has anyone else with similar pain conditions experienced this? Does anyone know how to troubleshoot this? Is it simply a matter of digestion, detoxing the system, etc.? Would appreciate any thoughts!

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