Whole100 finisher contemplating what to reintroduce and how

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Fellow Whole 30ers,

I am in the mist of completing my first ever whole30 (1oo) next Tuesday.  I decided to extend to 100 days right away because it seemed easy enough to continue and have some health concerns that I was seeing amazing results with right away.  I am a 30 year old female who has always struggled with being over weight, unhappy, (pre) diabetic with and A1c 6.7 and refusing to resort to meds.  After 40 days of following the whole30 guidelines I brought my A1c down to 5.6!! Hence why I wanted to keep pushing and complete a full Whole100 to see my body heal itself.  

I am less that one week away from day 100 and I am looking for advice.  I am unsure if I should complete the fast track or slow roll reintroduction.  I know Melissa recommends the fast track, structured reintroduction for first timers.  

I'm struggling with the idea of reintroducing gluten free alcohol and dairy (mainly cheese).  Everything else I have eliminated I do not miss and do not feel like I need to reintroduce them ever, or at least not in the immediate future.  I don't want to have to eat 3 servings of dairy a day in order to test my tolerance.  I would love to just leave these foods as special occasion items.  

I am definitely a person that has to follow the rules and I don't know how to make my own decisions on this one.  HELP!! Do I just keep going with my whole30 lifestyle until something comes up that I really find "worth it" to try, or do I commit to the guidelines and do the proper reintroduction to know just how my body will react?  Any advice or insight you may have for a newbie would be greatly appreciated!! 

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Heya - just reading your post, it sounds like you'd be more into a "slow roll" reintro. There are benefits to doing a structured reintro, but if you're planning on keeping your diet mostly W30 based and just occassionally adding some different things in, then slow roll might be a better fit for you. Yesterday should have been your Day 30 (and mine too for R3, :) ) Congrats!! 

The trick (for me, anyway) for after W30 is to continue to eat as is but not stress over the little things - yes, we can go out for indian and I can have some rice. Or adding a little cheese to something, or having a piece with veggies with dinner isn't the end of the world. A cookie at a special occasion or splitting a dessert with my love for our anniversary dinner isn't the end of the world. But most of the my meals, most of the time are W30 compliant. It's when non-compliant things start slipping into each meal and I start craving dessert after dinner every night that I know I need to do a W7 (or more) again.

Hope this helps!  Maybe re-read the slow roll reintro link again and see how you feel: https://whole30.com/2014/09/dear-melissa-slow-reintroduction-roll/

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Hi Randi! 

I appreciate the feedback!! Yesterday was my day 100 and I’m glad I feel like today is like any other day. No pressure to force reintroduction of food I’m not missing or craving!! Congrats on finishing your round as well!! 

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