Can the Whole30 CAUSE a gluten intolerance?

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Wondering if anybody knows this - can the Whole30 program actually CAUSE your body to become MORE intolerant to certain things, like dairy or gluten, since you are eliminating them for at least 30 days?

As in, you can currently eat bread and have no major issues, but at the end of Whole30, you eat bread and suddenly feel like you are dying? Or, in the reintroduction if these foods cause you trouble, is it because they have been doing so all along, and you just didn't notice it?

Doing this program with my sister and a few friends, and my sister is very concerned that it is going to end up MAKING her intolerant to gluten and grains. 

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now this is just my understanding so someone please correct me if I am wrong, but the whole 30 does not MAKE you anything. Our bodies build up a tolerance to things that aren't good for us (think protective layer of gunk) in order to protect us so to speak. So when you stop eating it and your body trusts that its gone it gets rid of the defenses it has built up. So that is why we might react stronger to things. It doesn't make us intolerant it just allows us to see what the food items have been doing to us all along. Our bodies shouldn't have to defend us from our food choices. As I see it its kinda the point of the whole 30 to make us more sensitive to things we should be sensitive to. If your sister becomes intolerant after a whole 30 its likely she already was at least to some degree...

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