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Feeling Crappy Day 15

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So I have been on the whole30 for 15 days now. Loving it mostly! Course have my normal struggles of cravings but definitely getting better. After I got past day 4 I started feeling pretty awesome! Even started running again! So day 14 I just wasn’t feeling it and to prevent myself from cheating I decided to just ease up on monitoring every meals health for a day but stay complient so I ended up eating very few veggies and a lot of red meat (not the healthiest ones either) also I didn’t drink my normal like gallon of water for the day. Also something to note since I got on the plan I haven’t felt sore after a 3 mile like at all! Which is totally not normal for me! I figured I was packing my meals with such a high volume of veggies, healthy meats, and good starches (potatoes) that it must have been healing my muscles faster then I could feel the pain or something like that. ANYWAY  day 15 I wake up and feel TERRIBLE! My whole body hurts, mainly my back and I just could crawl under the covers and slee all day. Still managed to run three miles which made me feel better for a little... why is this happening? I ate good all day today. Got lots of veggies and proteins and water. Is my body reacting from not being sore due to veggies and then all of a sudden not eating the same amount for a day? I’m praying I wake up tomorrow feeling better! I love the program and want to finish so bad but today just uhg I really didn’t feel good, basically like say 2-3 again. I reviewed everything I ate day 14 and everything was compliant... ate more mayo (compliant) then I have in forever and had ribs which I have decided I don’t really like anymore. Any advice would be great!

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