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Nicotine addiction, Cigarettes

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Hi! I desperately want (need) to both change my diet AND quit smoking.

In Food Freedom Forever it says to focus on quitting smoking first if you're still a smoker. The thing is, I relapse on cigarettes frequently (I've smoked for well over half my life) and I don't want to wait until I'm successfully quit to change my problematic eating behaviors and diet. 

I don't understand why this should be an either/or thing. I mean, isn't doing the Whole 30, even as a smoker, better than eating three bowls of cereal for dinner every night and still being a smoker on top of it?

I'm weary of quitting smoking at the exact same time as starting my Whole 30 because I have a history of binging/food addiction, which I've even been in 12-step program for in the past. So needless to say, changing my diet is NOT easy for me. I'm afraid I'd be setting myself up for failure if I were to try both simultaneously.


Thoughts? Should I go ahead and start, or wait until I'm quit for awhile?

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Ultimately it's up to you. For many people, the stress of quitting smoking and doing whole30 is just too much and they end up only managing one or the other, or even giving up on both completely.  Other people do both at the same time and it works for them. 

You might Google Whole30 and smoking for some past discussions, or at least check out this one and the links in it:   https://forum.whole30.com/topic/35263-smoking-and-whole30/


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