How to get back on?

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I did a Whole30 succesfully last year. Not just succesfully... I LOVED it: every minute, every meal. Okay, the last weeks of eggs for breakfast I wasn’t jumping for joy, but I could’ve kept on it longer because eggs where a small price to pay for the way I was feeling. And in a way I did keep on it longer. I kept the weight off for a year. I continued to follow Paleo principles and have a healthy balance in my meals and remained sugar, dairy and legume free. Except bread... I had the occasional slice to “switch it up.” And then I got married in May. Where most brides are all about losing weight, all I could think about in the months leading up to it was: FOOD!!! We even had to widen my dress a bit at the seams. And you know what: I didn’t care. We had the most fabulous wedding anyone could ask for. I wore a strapless dress. I see the pictures and my wobbly arms and I’m actually fine with it. But... I don’t feel good. I feel tired and heavy and an auto-immune disease I have is responding to the dairy that has crept it’s way back into my life. Enough reasons to flip the switch, right? Well, no. I’m struggling.  I don’t really know what my question is, but I guess I’m hoping for some recognition. And some advice. How do I get out of this?

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Instead of looking at doing a full Whole30 and seeing that as daunting perhaps, why not commit to having one Whole30 day.  Just focus on the next meal and then the next one and before you know it, you'll be feeling good again and that may help keep you going.

Did you do your reintroductions last time?  If not, then you might tell yourself that you're doing another Whole30 so you can carry out the reintroductions - sometimes having a concrete 'reason' aside from 'just because I want to feel good' is motivation to do it.

If you can't do a full Whole30 and you've done reintroductions and know how food makes you feel then how about making a WholeAnnayllop program? For instance, maybe on WholeAnnayllop, you ALWAYS eat a Whole30 template breakfast and bring your lunch to work.  Maybe it means you don't eat treats inside your house but when out with someone and worth it, you have a little ice cream or bread at a restaurant.  Whatever parameters you think might work, do that for a week and then reassess...

And for some recognition, you'll notice if you read through this subthread, you're definitely not alone in having struggles getting back to it... there are a LOT of conversations about just this including much more advice similar to what I've outlined above... 

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