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Day 4-10 abs magically appeared! Day 12: abs disappeared?


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Hi all, I’m on day 12. So far all as expected — went through “carb/sugar flu” in the first week. By day 7 energy started coming back. This morning, on day 12, felt more energy in the morning than usual (even pre-W30). So generally I’m happy with what I’m experiencing so far... 

But! An unexpected amazing thing that happened from day 4 til about yesterday was that I lost all this lower and upper abdomen bloat I didn’t know I had! Visually, my abs looked like abs! I was feeling like hot stuff, if I’m honest — it’s sort of what got me through the terrifically low energy days last week. Today, however, my abs look back to normal (pre-day 1). I hate to whine about this but I want that back! 

Is there W30-compliant food I may be overdoing it on that I should cut back on to residence bloat? Less fruit? Less baby carrots? Less homemade dips (eggplant or sweet potato-based) I’ve been making while I’m avoiding hummus/legumes?

And similarly are there things I should be eating more of?



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