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Newbie ready to start 6/18


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I am very excited to start Whole 30! I have several friends and colleagues who have executed Whole 30 and it really has inspired me to commit to it. I am a mostly healthy 29 year old female (will be 30 this fall), but I do get shingles almost annually and I am overweight by my standards. I am a teacher, so doing this in the summer is perfect and my husband is fully onboard to commit to it with me as well! :)

Any tips for coffee creamer would be helpful! I do like creamer and I know it isn't allowed, but maybe there's some Whole 30 Coffee Creamer friendly recipes? Help a girl out! 


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Hello! Coffee creamer is a big topic around here, if you google Whole30 coffee creamer, you can probably find past discussions.

Some options include canned coconut milk (usually in the ethnic aisle at the grocery store, get the full fat kind, just watch for sulfites or added sweeteners), compliant almond milk, Nutpods, and a few other brands of compliant creamers that have become available in the last year or two -- Califia Farms is one brand, but there may be others. It might be worth checking labels on whatever is available at your local grocery store. You could also make a Whole30 version of bulletproof coffee -- blend your coffee with coconut oil or ghee, and maybe some coconut milk if you'd like.

If you start searching online, you'll see a lot of things labeled Whole30 or paleo coffee creamers, but keep in mind this advice from the Can I Have list (https://whole30.com/2013/06/the-official-can-i-have-guide-to-the-whole30/):


Tip: Regarding “Paleo” coffee creamer… sigh. We know there’s a recipe out there where eggs, coconut milk, dates, and some voodoo magic are combined with prayers to create a thick, creamy concoction that can take the place of your cream and sugar (or Coffeemate) and once again transform your undrinkable black coffee into sweet, dreamy caffeine. We REALLY don’t like this, and would encourage you to take a look at why you need this at all. Do you really like coffee, or are you drinking it for the hit of sugary flavor?


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I am starting my 2nd whole 30 6/18 as well. I ordered NutPods coffee creamer from Amazon and it is amazing. Also fell in love with Tessemaes salad dressing, I found myself trying to eat more salad but couldn’t find compliant dressings (balsamic and vinegar just doesn’t do it for me)

hope that helps.

good luck!! 

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