Meal timing for both crossfit and pregnancy


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I have been roughly intermittently fasting for a long time. This mostly consists of waiting to eat breakfast until noon.

After reading ISWF, I realized this may not be quite as good of a straregy long term. However, I have gotten used to working out fasted. Add in, that I am in the very early stages of pregnancy, I clearly need to change my ways.

If I go to my crossfit class at 9 am, what time should I eat breakfast so that I am properly fueled, and hopefully not nauseus? What should I eat? Even without the pregnancy, I fear WOD-puking.

I know ISWF says three meals a day, but in the AM should I be more hobbit-like and have 1st breakfast and second breakfast? I don't necessarily need PWO recovery carbs. I'm still low carb in general.

I was thinking of breakfast 1 being a bowl of bone broth with an egg whisked in. My normal non-whole 30 breakfast is three eggs, sauteed spinach and tomatoes, bacon (nixing this for whole30), tea w/coconut oil. The eggs and spinach are cooked in ghee.

Thanks for your help.

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An egg mixed with bone broth would make a good pre-workout/breakfast for you. I could eat such a breakfast while driving to the gym, but if you are more sensitive, give yourself an hour or two before working out. Then make sure you get some lean protein after working out. The longer your pregnancy goes on, the more you will want to increase carbs. Many people feel and perform better eating carbs.

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I'm not even going to touch the issue of whether the standard description of "CrossFitting" while pregnant is even appropriate (or safe) with a 10 ft pole, especially since you didn't ask.

In my experience, eating a normal sized breakfast at 7am, when I first get up, is long enough before a 9am workout for it to be fine. Most CF classes are gentle stretching/warmup/skill in the first 20-30 minutes anyway. If this doesn't work for you, going hobbit like is totally fine too. I don't think bone broth + an egg is really much food...but pre workout nutrition is VERY person-dependent. YMMV

Try it both ways. More food, closer to when you first wake up is better, though

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Thanks. Renée, you made me smile. I really do appreciate your concern, but don't fret.

The owners of my gym used the same midwife that I have, and so my midwife is familiar and comfortable with the idea.

All the coaching staff is aware that I am pregnant and they are very accustomed to coaching pregnant wonen- I think our little box has had 10+ in the last 3 years.

I'm not an rx athlete anyway, but currently im being told to go at a "medium conversational pace". As I progress, my squat depth will get shallower so i don't damage relaxin-enhanced joints with a heavy load. Second trimester, no jumping.

And when I lose my vertical bar path, I'll probably switch to doing snatches and cleans with a kettlebell, rather than a barbell. (My coach didn't do this herself though)

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