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gotta get in control


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Just to clarify I have completed several rounds of Whole 30 in the past. I have learned valuable things about myself. Such as I cannot ever again eat gluten. I have been virtually gluten free for almost two years. The only exceptions being real sourdough bread and accidental intake in a restaurant.

To be clear I have not found food freedom which is why I am here now.  I am not on a whole 30 but have found that tracking helps me be accountable to myself.  I have a lot of weight to lose and a terrible snacking habit.  I feel so much better when I eat by the template, but sometimes I struggle to eat at all so I end up just eating junk type snack food. I love this community and follow the forums even during long periods of not eating well because I really believe in the whole 30 style of eating. I do want to find food freedom so maybe starting a log here will be my first step.

Again I am not currently on a whole 30, I intend to log whatever I eat no matter how good or bad. Maybe seeing it in writing will help me see how bad its gotten and help me to get back on track (or even find my own track)

My main goal is to get back to eating real food on a regular schedule, 3 meals a day of real food template or not (at least to start)

Again I will write what I actually eat which at this point is scary.

Feedback and support are welcome. Longer term the goal would be to eat mostly by the template and to lose weight and improve overall health


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ok here goes

today I started by eating a package of whole cashews followed by two cups of coffee with vanilla caramel creamer

mid morning I had some butter toffee puffs

lunch I had a hot link with mustard and a bag of funyuns, then finished the puffs from earlier. Had this with a large fountain coke

eeek.... it does look awful in writing but I will keep on because brutal honesty with myself is what I need.

In my drawer at work I also have a bag of muddy buddies, gummy worms, and some gluten free pretzels. Also a quinoa cup. So far I have not eaten any of these but they are calling me.

Somehow I have justified to myself eating this junk is ok because I tend to skip real meals. In my head it sounds good typing it out wow its dumb.....


Oh yeah in the evening when I do eat a real meal I am always hungrier after eating than  when I started. I need to get this in control and I know how, just gotta do it. I hope this log will help me get started.

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I am going to start isong meal 1 2 and 3

Meal 1 gf bagel with honey pecan cream cheese

Coffee with reeses creamer

Meal 2

Gf pasta with chicken, shrimp, roasted carrots and carrot top pesto

Small serving rice pudding

Mid afternoon 

Iced coffee

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Especially for the first few days of tracking I am trying to simply be honest. So I am writing everything down and haven't been able to actually meal plan or take many steps towards change yet. I will post more on my food intake in a bit.

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