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Whole30 w/ my teen...


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Not sure how wise it is to do a whole30 w/ an already grumpy teenager but here goes nothing.  My DS is 15 and is the one who really wanted to do a whole 30 after hearing me talk about it.  He's read the book and is really committed.  I'm doing this with him.  If we can make it past the Kill All The Things phase it could be a good bonding experience.

Day 1:

Breakfast: 2 scotch eggs (homemade compliant) w/ kale salad

Lunch: Salad w/ chicken, olive oil and vinegar

Dinner: roasted chicken thighs, steamed broccoli w/ ghee and potatoes pan crisped in ghee


Standard day 1 feeling.  made it through the day and feeling pretty good.

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Thanks for the feedback. 


Yesterday was rough.  Life interfered w/ my plans for food.  Teen ended up having eggs and salad or broccoli 3x yesterday.   Not thrilled, but he's on plan so I'm not fighting it.  Frankly I didn't have the energy to fight anything yesterday.  

Breakfast: scrambled eggs, bacon, salad

Snack: lara bar (not preferred, but these got me through the first week on my last whole30)

Late lunch: salad w/ chicken

Dinner: lara bar and hard boiled egg - my tummy was very upset and it was a struggle to get any food down, but being overly hungry makes me feel sicker.  


Overall, not thrilled w/ my choices, but all food was 'OK' and I made it through the day and feel much better this morning.  My son is feeling really sluggish.  Which is right on schedule for day three.

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