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We are past our "Whole 30" and now in the Food Freedom stage. We do not eat sugar or gluten still, but we do use coconut sugar and natural forms of sugar (honey & real maple syrup etc.) I have just begun going back to the gym after a 6 month hiatus and was told by my workout partner I should add in Amino Acid supplement. Can I supplement this without adding sugar? All I see is supplements with sucralose and/or other artificial sweeteners. I was told they all have them. Need some direction here. #1 do I really need them (BTW, I am in my early 50's) for weight training recovery? And if so, can you recommend an acceptable supplement to remain compliant? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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Are you talking about BCAAs? I can't speak to whether they are needed at all. I don't use them and don't really understand them... 

However, I recall someone here on the Whole30 forum once recommending the Xtend unflavored BCAAs. From what I can tell, they appear to be Whole30 compliant. They do not contain any added sugars or soy lecithin (which I guess many BCAAs have). Apparently the taste is pretty gnarly though... 

Here is the thread I am refering to: https://forum.whole30.com/topic/53422-early-morning-workout-foods/?tab=comments#comment-488064


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You really don't need to take BCAAs (branch chain amino acids) if you're eating a well constructed diet including animal protein. I work out pretty hard, running and Crossfit, and I don't bother.

If you're vegetarian, it might be more worthwhile, as vegetarian protein sources aren't complete proteins, ie. they're each lacking some of the amino acids (you have to be very conscious of combining vegetarian protein sources to ensure you get all of the required amino acids).

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BCAA's are excellent in the post workout recovery.  They are necessary every time you have a challenging workout.  At 50+ our bodies don't work like they used to.  

Younger people who have answered you don't understand, Yet!  

When I started taking BCAA's I noticed an incredible difference in my muscle soreness.  The BCAA builds back up what we tear down working out.  My husband takes it too.  I am currently in my first round of W30 so none.  I backed my workouts down to yoga and im sore.  

The link in Kirbz is the best advice you can get.  I may even change my BCAA to these.  

Good luck!  Keep moving!


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Supplements for Exercise and Training Recovery
  • Probiotics. Probiotics supply the gut with healthy flora necessary for digestion, absorption, elimination and immune function. ...
  • Omega-3 Fish Oil. 
  • BCAA's (Branched Chain Amino Acids) ...
  • Protein. 
  • CoQ10. 
  • Glutamine. 
  • Curcumin. 
  • L-arginine.
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