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Eating Clean, Starting Tomorrow (June 23rd, 2018). Anyone interested?


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Hi all!

I have done a Whole30 before and I learned a lot of valuable information about how my body responds to different foods.  I now know that grains and legumes don't really have any negative impacts on me physically, and I prefer not to go without them in my diet.  Lately I've felt like I've been eating a ton of sugar and other stuff that doesn't make me feel good, and I would like to change that.  I know that the Whole30 community is very gung-ho and supportive, and maybe there are other people on here who would like to do a pretty strict food cleanse but forego all of the Whole30 rules.  I looked around online for other kinds of health support and accountability groups, but I couldn't find any free ones that didn't use facebook (I don't have facebook). 

So, would anyone like to do a food cleanse with me (no sugar, no white flour, no alcohol, nothing refined, mostly fresh fruits and veggies and protein)?  We can use this forum post to talk with each other about our struggles, recipes, exercise, what we want to get out of the food cleanse, etc.  Also if anyone knows of free online health-centered support or accountability groups that aren't solely on facebook then please let me know!

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